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1st World Military Para Athletics Championship opens with spectacular performances in Jesolo, Italy


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JESOLO (ITA) - The 1st World Military Para Athletics Championship, held as part of the renowned Italian Open, commenced its inaugural day of competition yesterday in Jesolo, amidst favorable weather conditions and the warm embrace of spring sunshine.


Before the first competition, the 1st World Military Para Athletics Championship commenced with a spectacular Opening Ceremony in Jesolo, Italy. The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including the Official CISM Representative and CISM Board of Directors Member Colonel Luiz Fernando Toledo Leal; the Jesolo Councilor for Sport and representing the Mayor of Jesolo Mrs Martina Borin; the Representative of the Italian Chief of Defense Major-General Alfonso Manzo; the Secretary Of Personnel, Health, Sports and Social Projects of Ministry of Defense of Brazil Lieutenant-Brigadier Heraldo Luiz Rodrigues; the CISM Secretary General Navy Captain Roberto Recchia; the Italian Chief of Delegation Colonel Alessandro Loiudice; and the PCSC Track & Field Lieutenant (GDF) Margherita Magnani. This grand occasion set the stage for an unforgettable championship, symbolizing unity, sportsmanship, and the unwavering spirit of competition amongst military personnel from around the world.


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Major-General Alfonso Manzo took the floor during this ceremony: "I hope that this first edition of the WMC Para Athletics will be a source of inspiration for everyone and will encourage even greater participation in future parasports competitions!"


"We all firmly believe that sport is one of the most effective ways of rehabilitating the body, mind, and soul of the women and men in uniform who have served their country with courage and sacrifice. This event will be a unique opportunity to promote inclusion and equality," added Major-General Alfonso Manzo before officially declaring the 1st WMC Para Athletics open.


Yesterday, athletes from across the globe converged to showcase their exceptional abilities in Paralympic athletics, marking a momentous occasion in the realm of adaptive sports. The event, integrated into the World Para Athletics Grand Prix circuit, witnessed remarkable displays of athleticism and impressive performances.



Highlighted results from Day One:


In the 1500m Standing event, Serban Laurentiu (ROU) secured the gold medal in the T64 category, while Vallejo Darwin representing Ecuador clinched the silver in the T44 division. Michael Happaerts (BEL) took home the bronze in the L2M classification.


Moving on to the 1500m Sitting competition, Gustavo Molina Martinez (ESP) dominated the field, earning the gold medal in the T53 class. The French Sebastien Pradalier followed closely, securing the silver, also in the T53 category.


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In the 800m Standing race, Michael Happaerts (BEL) exhibited remarkable performance, claiming the gold medal in the L2M division. The Italian Michele Ricciardi secured the silver in the T46 category, while Stefan Wolout, also from Belgium, finished strong with the bronze in the T38 classification.


Shifting to the 800m Sitting event, Gustavo Molina Martinez (ESP) displayed exceptional skill, winning the gold medal in the T53 category. Sebastien Pradalier (FRA) matched his performance, securing silver in the same T53 class.


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In the Javelin throw, the Brazilian Wendel Pereira Da Silva showcased his prowess, taking the gold medal in the F64 category. Fotios Ntimeris (GRE) impressed with the silver in the F42 division, while Orlando De Freitas (BRA) secured bronze in the F63 classification.


Finally, in the Discus event, the Estonian Raigo Roots demonstrated his strength, winning the gold medal in the F57 category. Piero Rosario Suma (ITA) achieved silver, also in the F57 category, while Douglas De Oliveira Firmino (BRA) rounded up the podium with bronze in the F56 division.


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Complete results are available at: https://www.fidalservizi.it/risultati/2024/Jesolo_2024/Index.htm


The 1st World Military Para Athletics Championship continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its celebration of athleticism, determination, and camaraderie among military personnel competing on the global stage. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as the championship unfolds.


The competition can also be accessed via livestream on the FISPES Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Fispes/.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)