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Belgian and Brazilian Delegations to CISM visit the CISM Headquarters


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BRUSSELS (BEL) - Yesterday marked a significant moment at the CISM Headquarters in Brussels as the Belgian Delegation, led by Brigadier-general Régis Bornain, Chief of Director General Health & Well-being, visited the esteemed institution. The visit underscored the commitment to fostering international cooperation in military sports.


Upon their arrival, the Belgian Delegation was warmly welcomed by Navy Captain Roberto Recchia, the Secretary General of CISM, and the dedicated staff of CISM. The visit commenced with a comprehensive presentation by Navy Captain Recchia, providing insights into the vital role of CISM Headquarters and its wide-ranging activities, followed by a presentation on the CISM Finances by the CISM Treasurer General Colonel Sven Serré.


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A pivotal aspect of the visit was the bilateral discussions that ensued, focusing on exploring avenues for future collaborations between Belgium and CISM. Lieutenant-Colonel Marc De Wagter, Head of Total Force Fitness, and Lieutenant-Commander Jimmy Noiret, Chief of Physical Fitness and Chief of Belgian Delegation to CISM, actively engaged in these discussions, emphasizing the mutual benefits of enhanced cooperation in the realm of military sports and well-being initiatives.


"We look forward to further strengthening our collaboration with the Belgian Delegation and leveraging our collective efforts to support our armed forces," declared Navy Captain Roberto Recchia.


In parallel, CISM also had the honor of hosting Vice-Admiral (Marine) Roberto Rossatto, the outgoing Chief of Delegation from Brazil, on March 19, 2024. In recognition of his unwavering dedication and support to CISM activities during his tenure, Vice-Admiral Rossatto was awarded the prestigious Grand Knight Medal of the CISM Order of Merit.


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During his visit, Vice-Admiral Rossatto was treated to a comprehensive overview of CISM Headquarters and its multifaceted activities, underscoring the organization's commitment to promoting military sports worldwide.


"It has been a privilege to work alongside Vice-Admiral Rossatto during his tenure as Chief of Delegation," stated Navy Captain Roberto Recchia. "His contributions have been instrumental in advancing the objectives of CISM, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation for his exemplary service."


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As Vice-Admiral Rossatto concludes his mandate, CISM expresses its gratitude for his remarkable contributions and looks forward to continued collaboration with Brazil and other member nations in furthering the mission of promoting peace through sport.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)