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CISM President and Secretary General honors OSMA 8th General Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria


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ABUJA (NGR) - The bustling city of Abuja, Nigeria, played host to the 8th General Assembly of the Organization of Military Sports in Africa (OSMA) from February 24 to March 3, 2024. Among the esteemed guests gracing this significant event were Colonel Nilton Rolim, CISM President; Navy Captain Roberto Recchia, CISM Secretary General; and Colonel Joseph Bakari, CISM Africa Liaison Officer.


The General Assembly kicked off with a series of remarkable events including a Board of Directors meeting, a grand opening ceremony, and a friendly football match between teams representing CISM and OSMA. The excitement continued with the official proceedings of the OSMA General Assembly, culminating in a memorable gala night.


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During the Board of Directors meeting on February 26, held at the prestigious NICON Luxury Hotel, Colonel Nilton Rolim and Colonel Joseph Bakari represented CISM. Following the sessions, the esteemed delegates paid a courtesy visit to the Chief of Defence Staff of the Nigerian Armed Forces at the Defence Headquarters, further strengthening diplomatic ties.


The official inauguration of the OSMA General Assembly took place on February 27 at the Nicon Luxury Hotel, graced by the presence of the Minister of Defence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as the Guest of Honour. Notable attendees included top military brass from the Nigerian Armed Forces alongside the leadership of CISM. Colonel Nilton Rolim took the opportunity to share insights into CISM's programs and activities, emphasizing the organization's commitment to promoting international cooperation through sports.


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Adding a touch of athleticism to the proceedings, a friendly football match between the Chief of Defense Staff and OSMA teams ensued on February 27, capturing the spirit of camaraderie and competition.


The OSMA General Assembly convened on February 28, welcoming approximately 70 delegates from 26 member countries. Colonel Nilton Rolim, accompanied by CISM Secretary General Roberto Recchia and Africa Liaison Officer Colonel Joseph Bakari, delivered insightful remarks on CISM's initiatives, highlighting the organization's role in fostering unity through sports. The re-election of Major General Maikano Abdullahi and Brigadier General Brahima Diabate respectively OSMA President and Treasurer, marked a significant moment during the Assembly.


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On February 29, venturing beyond the confines of formal sessions, the CISM Executives, alongside OSMA delegates, conducted inspections of venues earmarked for the upcoming OSMA 2nd Africa Military Games in Nigeria scheduled to take place in November 2024. Their visit to key sites such as the MKO Abiola National Stadium and the Nigerian Army Museum showcased the host country's readiness to welcome athletes and participants from across Africa.


The General Assembly concluded on March 1 with a ceremonious closing ceremony attended by the Chief of Defence Nigeria as the Guest of Honour. CISM officials were honored with gifts from the Nigerian Military Authority and OSMA, underscoring the spirit of collaboration and goodwill that defined the event. Additionally, Africa Liaison Officer Colonel Joseph Bakari was bestowed with the prestigious OSMA Officer Merit Award, recognizing his invaluable contributions to military sports in Africa.


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The 8th OSMA General Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria, stands as a testament to the enduring bonds forged through sports diplomacy, setting the stage for continued cooperation and camaraderie among military sports organizations worldwide.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)