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Inaugural triumphs: recap of the 1st World Military Para Athletics in Jesolo, Italy




JESOLO (ITA) - The 1st World Military Para Athletics, hosted by the International Military Sports Council, concluded yesterday with an electrifying display of athleticism and sportsmanship. Held in Jesolo, Italy, this inaugural event showcased the remarkable talents of para athletes from around the globe during which thirty-seven athletes from ten nationalities were involved in the competitions.


The competition, which spanned three days, culminated in a thrilling last day featuring remarkable performances across various disciplines. Here are the highlights of the final day's competitions:


In the 5000m Standing event, Ecuadorian Vallejo Darwin clinched the gold medal, followed by Belgian Michael Happaerts and Romanian Laurentiu Seobam, respectively second and third.




Gustavo Molina Martinez (ESP) secured the gold medal in the 5000m Sitting event in the T53 category.


The 200m Standing event witnessed Carlo Fabio Marcello Calcagni from Italy claiming another gold medal, with Frenchman Pierrick Roumanet securing the silver.


In the Javelin F56-57 event, Brazilian Douglas De Oliveira Firmino emerged victorious, followed by Vincenzo Contemi and Piero Rosario Suma, both from Italy, securing the silver and bronze respectively.


Giuseppe Campoccio from Italy showcased his prowess in the Javelin F33-54-55 event, clinching the gold medal while Fernando Rosa Ottoni and Douglas Ferreira Soares from Brazil secured the silver and bronze.


The Discus F36-42-63-64 event saw Alexander Ulrich (GER) claiming the gold medal, with Greek Fotios Ntimeris and Brazilian Orlando De Freitas finishing second and third respectively.




The Closing Ceremony and Awarding Ceremony of the 1st World Military Para Athletics were held with great fanfare, honoring the exceptional achievements of the participating athletes. The Italian organizing committee was lauded for their impeccable organization and hospitality, making this inaugural event a resounding success.


The following authorities attended the Closing Ceremony: Official CISM Representative and CISM Board of Directors Member Colonel Luiz Fernando Toledo Leal; the Jesolo Councilor for Sport and representing the Mayor of Jesolo Mrs Martina Borin; the Deputy Chief of the V General Affairs Department of the Defense Staff Brigadier General Eugenio Martis; the Secretary Of Personnel, Health, Sports and Social Projects of Ministry of Defense of Brazil Lieutenant-Brigadier Heraldo Luiz Rodrigues; the CISM Vice-President Europe Colonel Dirk Schwede; the Italian Chief of Delegation Colonel Alessandro Loiudice; and the PCSC Track & Field Lieutenant (GDF) Margherita Magnani.




Speaking on behalf of CISM, CISM Official Representative Colonel Luiz Fernando Toledo Leal expressed gratitude to the Italian organizing committee for their dedication in hosting this landmark para athletics event. He emphasized CISM's commitment to the integration and development of parasport and expressed hope for an increase in the number of parasport events in the future.


As the curtains close on this memorable event, CISM encourages more nations and para athletes to participate in future parasport events, fostering inclusivity, camaraderie, and the spirit of sportsmanship on the global stage.


Complete results are available at: https://www.fidalservizi.it/risultati/2024/Jesolo_2024/Index.htm or in PDF here !




The competition can also be accessed via livestream on the FISPES Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Fispes/.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)