77th CISM General Assembly and Congress – Lima (PER) – Day 3


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LIMA (PER) – The third day of the 77th CISM General Assembly and Congress began with a tribute paid by CISM Authorities to the Heroes of the Independence of Peru in the Park "Precursores de la Independencia". The ceremony was attended by Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo, CISM President; Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, CISM Secretary General; the Minister of Defense of Peru, Mr. Jose Luis Gavidia Arrascue; Vice-Admiral Herbert del Alamo Carrillo, Chief of Staff of the Peruvian Navy; Lieutenant-General Carlos Chavez Cateriano, Chief of Staff of the Peruvian Air Force; Major-General Francisco Costa Gallegos, Army School Director & Chief of the Peruvian Delegation to CISM and Lieutenant-General David Ojeda Parra, President of the Peruvian Executive Committee. During the ceremony, the CISM President and the Peruvian Minister of Defense offered a floral arrangement in honor of the Heroes of the Independence of Peru.


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The rest of the day was dedicated to the four CISM Continental Meetings during which delegates from the African, American, Asian, and European continents met to discuss topics and issues related to their respective continents. The CISM President took the opportunity of each continental meeting to speak and express his vision for the future of CISM.


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The Brigadier-General first met with the African delegates: “We know that your continent is the pivotal continent for CISM, with the largest amount of Member States. You are the continent with an incredible potential of development regarding your history, your culture, your economy, and the power of your young generation. Your commitment to serve the CISM will be crucial in the upcoming years to achieve the goals of the strategic plan. Therefore, I will continue to support your sporting and solidarity projects such as the CISM scientific Symposium to be held for the first time in the CISM history in Tunisia in 2023. I am convinced there are many other projects to be developed and conducted. CISM needs Africa and Africa need CISM. I will continue to stay close to your needs, to support you and to meet your military and civilian authorities to encourage and develop projects for CISM.”


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Then comes the turn of the American continental meeting : « I would like to thank the VP Americas Colonel Leonardo Perdigao de Olivera, the Americas BoD Members and the Americas Chiefs of Delegation for their unfailing support. We proved our collective strength and unity in service of CISM. Without you, CISM would not exist. You are the heart of CISM. It is essential to remember this evidence to focus objectives and efforts on listening to you and seeking to satisfy the needs expressed by each Nation. More than ever, I am determined to meet the challenges of tomorrow, but nothing will be possible without your support and commitment to serve CISM. Only collective strength allows us to move forward together and achieve common goals : “Moving together make us stronger,” declared the CISM President.


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Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo also addressed the delegates from the Asian continent: “I would like to highlight the work of Senior Colonel Wang, VP Asia, your BoD Members, and your Chiefs of Delegations for the amazing work achieved by the Asian continent during these last years. During this week, you attend the most important CISM statutory event of the year, the 77th Congress and General Assembly. It is a historic week for CISM. It is the restart of CISM life. To get through this period of global crisis, CISM must remain united, confident in its institution, but at the same time, different changes affecting the world, as the pandemic, require permanent adaptation by CISM to these evolutions, to this “wind of changes.” As I did during the first mandate, I will continue to collaborate closely with the Vice-Presidents, the SG, and the members of the BoD in a spirit of teamwork necessary to the success of CISM's missions.”


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During the Europe Continental Meeting, the CISM President declared: “Thank you Europe, and especially Colonel Dirk Schwede, Vice-President Europe, for the contribution to the CISM Development in these last years. We will have to work together during the next mandate, and we will try to our core business: Sport, Solidarity and Peace. We will have to help our Nations and fund sporting, solidarity, peace, scientific and development projects.”


He also added: “I would also like to express my gratitude to Colonel Mamby Koita, the CISM Secretary General, for his excellent work as SG for the past 8 years. He belongs to the history of CISM by being the first African SG.”


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The CISM Coordination Committee, composed of Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo, CISM President, Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, CISM Secretary General, and the various directors of the departments of the CISM General Secretariat then met for working meetings with the delegations of the countries organizing sporting events in the near future, namely the French Delegation led by its Chief of Delegation Brigadier-General Arnaud Dupuy de la Grand'Rive, organizer of the Military World Solidarity Games (MWG) in 2023, and the Swiss Delegation of WINOC 2025 led by its Chief of Delegation Colonel Christian Hess, organizer of the 5th Military World Winter Games in Lucerne in 2025.


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Our Chiefs of Delegation and delegates will have tomorrow the pleasure to attend the first day of the CISM Congress which will take place on May 5th.


(Source: CISM Media and Communication Department)