77th CISM General Assembly and Congress – Lima (PER) – Day 6


Day 6 (4)


LIMA (PER) – The General Assembly of the 77th CISM General Assembly and Congress started in the morning of May 7 in the Sheraton Hotel facilities in Lima, Peru.


The GA started with the Opening Address of the CISM President Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo, the Roll Call by the CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita.


Day 6  14

After the presentation of the new Chiefs of Delegation since the 74th CISM General Assembly & Congress in Vietnam, the Commission of Verification of Credentials presented his report and validation of the 77th CISM General Assembly.

The General Assembly then approved the agenda of the GA and the minutes of the 76th CISM General Assembly while the Regulations Commission Colonel Steven Rosso reminded the voting procedures at the 76th GA to the CISM Chiefs of Delegation and delegates.

After the presentation of the Decision Files and the presentation of the candidates for the role of CISM President (Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo), Secretary General (Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita) and Treasurer General (Colonel Sven Serré), the Chiefs of Delegations proceeded to the long-awaited votes.


Day 6  7

The Russian Delegation to CISM also took the opportunity to present the 78th CISM General Assembly and Congress to be held in Moscow, Russia, in 2023.

Colonel Leonardo Perdigão De Oliveira, VP Americas then presented the results of the CISM 2022 statutory elections: the mandate of the outgoing President, Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo, was not renewed by the CISM Member Nations and therefore Colonel Dirk Schwede, Vice-President Europe, will assume the function of Acting President. Navy Captain Roberto Recchia, former Chief of the Italian Delegation to CISM, received the majority of votes and succeeds Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita as CISM Secretary General, while Colonel Sven Serré of the Belgian delegation was also elected by a majority as CISM Treasurer General. The CISM family wishes them a successful mandate. Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, outgoing CISM Secretary General, was appointed "CISM Ambassador" after two mandates as Secretary General and a presence of more than 20 years within our institution. The CISM General Assembly took the opportunity to pay him a heartfelt tribute!


Day 6  9

Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo then took the floor to officially close the General Assembly of the 77th CISM General Assembly & Congress and thanked the participants for their presence here in Lima and their work during this condensed week.

The Closing Ceremony of the 77th CISM General Assembly & Congress took place right after the General Assembly in presence of the CISM President Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo; Mr. José Luis Gavidia Arrascue, Minister of Defense of Peru and former Rear Admiral; the CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita; the CISM-Vice Presidents; Lieutenant-General David Guillermo Ojeda Parra, Army Chief of Staff; Lieutenant-General Manuel Gomez de La Torre Aranibar, President of the Joint Command of Armed Forces; Lieutenant-General Walter Horacio Cordova Aleman, Peruvian Army General Commander; Vice-Admiral Alberto Alcalá Luna, Peruvian Navy General Commander; Lieutenant-General Alfonso Javier Artadi Saletti, Peruvian Air Force General Commander; Lieutenant-General Carlos Chavez Cateriano, Peruvian Air Force Chief of Staff; Vice-Admiral Herbert del Alamo Carrillo, Peruvian Nay Chief of Staff; Major-General Francisco Costa Gallegos, Army School Director & Chief of the Peruvian Delegation to CISM; Members of the Board of Directors; Members of the CISM General Secretariat as well as international and local authorities.


Day 6 (1)

During this ceremony, the CISM President awarded Major (R) Carlos Enrique Felipa Córdova and Major (R) José Luis Casas Carrión with the CISM Star of Sports Merit to the two Peruvian military athletes who competed in the CISM World Military Championships.

The CISM Order of Merit, awarded to anyone who, by his or her actions, has demonstrated the ideals and goals of CISM and by his performance has contributed to the development of sports in the armed forces, rendered exceptional service to the cause of CISM, was also awarded to the following people: CISM President Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo; VP Europe Colonel Dirk Schwede (GER – Grand Officer); VP OSMA Major-General Katirima Manoni Phinehas (UGA – Grand Officer); CoD Guinea Colonel Moussa Moise Keita (GUI – Grand Officer); former PCSC Taekwondo CW4 Bongseok Kim (USA – Grand Officer); Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General David Guillermo Ojeda Parra (PER – Officer); BoD Member Navy Captain Spyridon Andriopoulos (GRE – Officer); CISM HQ Games Director Colonel Joseph Bakari (TAN – Officer); CoD Morocco Lieutenant-Colonel Mohamed Faker (MAR – Officer); Liaison Officer SG Colonel Souleymane Dosso (CIV – Officer); CoD Peru Major-General Grancisco Javier Costa Gallegos (PER – Grand Knight); PCSC Orienteering Lieutenant-Colonel Lars Gerhardsson (SWE – Grand Knight); CISM HQ Sports Director Lieutenant-Colonel Jan Van den Dool (NED – Grand Knight); Sierra Leone Delegate Captain Joseph Kaneka Kanu (SLE – Grand Knight); CoD Sweden Lieutenant-Colonel Sven Antonsson (SWE – Grand Knight); CoD Monaco Chief Warrant Officer Denis Raymond (MON – Grand Knight); Guinea Delegate Lieutenant Dorah Mohamed Koita (GUI - Knight); CoD Iran Brigadier-General Jamshid Fooladi (IRI – Knight); Iran Delegate Colonel Reza Bagheri (IRI – Knight) and Peru Delegate Lieutenant-Colonel (Rtd) Fredy Ricardo Vargas Ortiz (PER – Knight).


Day 6  14

The CISM President Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo the delivered his welcome speech: "This 77th CISM General Assembly and Congress has demonstrated that CISM has succeeded in facing the challenges imposed by the pandemic. This event also marks the full resumption of CISM's face-to-face activities. This intense week of meetings in the spirit of CISM's founders, Friendship through Sport, will serve as a foundation for the future of CISM. I would like to thank once again the Peruvian Delegation to CISM, which has allowed us to meet in ideal conditions and has done a tremendous job. I wish all the best to this great CISM family !The Minister of Defense of Peru Mr. José Luis Gavidia Arrascue, former Rear Admiral, then delivered his closing speech and officially declared the 77th CISM General Assembly and Congress 2022 closed.
The second session of the Board of Directors took place in the afternoon in the presence of Colonel Dirk Schwede, Acting President, the Vice-Presidents, and the Members of the CISM Board of Directors. During this short meeting, Colonel Joseph Bakari, CISM Games Director, presented the latest topics related to the CISM Military World Games while Mr. David Vandenplas, Media and Communication Director, and Mr. Maxime Sempo, Partnerships and Development Director, presented the updates of their respective departments.

The day concluded with the Gift Exchange and the Gala Dinner while the 52nd WMC Marathon will take place this morning along the beach of Costa Verde for an edition that promises to be very exciting.


(Source: CISM Media and Communication Department)