2021 Naval Pentathlon CISM Online Military Tournament - Day 1


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BRUSSELS (BEL) – For the very first time in CISM history, the 1st CISM Online Military Tournament hosted by the CSC Naval Pentathlon will start today, September 20th.


On this occasion, more than 50 naval pentathletes from 6 countries and 3 different continents (Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, Iran, Russian, and Spain) will compete under the CISM slogan "Friendship through sport" for the military world title!


This online CISM competition will take place with remote management under the supervision of the CSC members via the through internet.


All the performances will be recorded by a timing platform and the Teams Captains will upload and send all videos recorded of each athlete up to 24 hours after the competition day to the CISM Naval Pentathlon Committee that will analyze all the recorded videos and then disclose it on the Youtube Page of the Naval Pentathlon Committee.


The competitions will take place from today, September 20, with the Obstacle Race and Lifesaving Swimming Race, followed by the Seamanship Race and the Utility Swimming Race on September 21, the Cross Country Amphibious Race on September 22, and, in the event of any impediment, the teams will use the alternative day of September 23.


(Source: CISM General Secretariat)