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CISM and World Sailing agree to develop sailing in partnership



BRUSSELS (BEL) – CISM has partnered with World Sailing, the world governing body of the sport, to develop the sport of sailing in partnership for the next four-years.

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will see CISM and World Sailing work towards encouraging the development of training and competition in sailing by all military athletes.


Furthermore, both organisations agree to:

  • Encourage the development of Para World Sailing and women’s military sailing;
  • Establish true synergies in sport affairs;
  • Identify shared CISM and World Sailing goals;
  • Set up joint educational initiatives to protect sailing against the dangers of doping;
  • Establish collaboration in the development of International Technical Officials;
  • Promote the values of sports in general and specifically sailing.



CISM President, Colonel Hervé Piccirillo, said, “I’m convinced that the agreement we signed with World Sailing is the start of a long journey and that this partnership will grant mutual benefits and joint advantages for both organizations”.  

He also added: "This MoU will also help us to improve the quality and level of excellence of our athletes and partners”



Kim Andersen, World Sailing President, commented, “Sailing has always been deeply embedded within the military with international representatives competing regularly, in numbers, at the World Military Sailing Championships.

“Today’s announcement sees the CISM share our vision and mission for millions more people to fall in love with sailing and protect the waters of the world.

“We look forward to working with CISM over the next four years, and many more beyond that, across various pillars of our sport.”


(Source: CISM and World Sailing - Pictures: Mr. Eddy Kellens)