CISM International Symposium 2021 - Ancient Olympia (GRE) - Day 2


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ANCIENT OLYMPIA (GRE) - The second day of the CISM 2021 International Symposium took place yesterday under the theme "Sport Science behind the lines preparing the soldier - Caring for the veteran".


The morning started with 4 presentations of 15 minutes each on "Operational Fitness" chaired by Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Lützkendorf, Professor Andreas Flouris and Professor Bogdanis Gregory:  Lumbopelvic muscle endurance asymmetry predicts low back pain intensity in Helicopter Pilots from Brazilian Air Force » by Lieutenant Daniele Gabriel Costa, « The Impact of a Core Stabilization Training Program on Low Back Pain Perception in Brazilian Air Force Helicopter Pilots » by Major Jefferson Martinez Couto, « The Effect of Specific Physical Training on Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Fatigue Among Brazilian T-27 Flight Instructors » by Major Eduardo Augusto Duque and « Muscle Training improves Military Shooting Efficiency in Brazilian Air Force Soldiers » by Major Guilherme Oliveira Kavgias.


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After a first break, a new session of presentations followed on the theme of "Basic Science" and was chaired by Professor Geladas Nikolaos, Colonel Bouguerra Lofti and Mr. Karl Friedl. Mr. Karl Friedl: « Effect of two high intensity interval training models calibrated with time until exhaustion at 100% of the maximal aerobic velocity on hematological and biochemical parameters » by Colonel Bouguerra Lofti, « Energy balance during a training course for Belgian Paratroopers » by Professor Patrick Mullie, « Comparison of cardiorespiratory conditions between approved and reproved candidates in a special operations course » by Lieutenant Pedro Tourinho, « The use of thermal perception analog scales to monitor physiological responses during a simulated military triathlon race », by Dr. Danielli Mello and « The influence of military pentathlon obstacle run on athletes’ skin temperature » by Dr. Danielli Mello.


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The morning ended with a Round Table session on "Preparing the soldier for battle in adverse environmental conditions" chaired by Professor Geladas Nikolaos and Professor Bogdanis Gregory and including the following presentations: « Preparing the soldier for battle in hot environments » by Andreas D. Flouris of the University of Thessaly, Greece, and « Prepare the soldier for operation in cold, amphibious and dark environments » by Stylianos N Kounalakis of the Hellenic Army Academy.


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After the lunch break there was another session of presentations on "Operational Fitness" chaired by Colonel Grigory Dmitriev and Major Jefferson Martinez Couto: « Are Injuries Necessary During Basic Military Training? Sport training vs Military training in Naval Cadets » by Professor Antonis Vantarakis, « Morphofunctional Screening of Future Ukrainian Armed Forces Recruits » by Colonel Oleksandr Petrachkov, « Physical Fitness Tests in Military: Relevance with occupational Tasks » by Professor Kostantinos Havenetidis, « Impact of one-year CrossFit training on performance of soldiers and civilian employees – results of the controlled, prospective, interventional trial MedXFit » by Lieutenant-Colonel Annete Schmidt, « “Elbrus Ring” as a means of the military professional readiness improvement to perform combat tasks in mountainous terrain », by Colonel Grigory Dmitriev and « Morphofunctional Readiness of Joint Force Operation Ukranian Soldiers » by Lieutenant-Colonel Volodymyr Mykhaylov.


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The penultimate day of the CISM International Symposium 2021 ended with a presentation by Mr. Kostantinos Kontogiannis from the Federation of Olympia on « The Route of Truce - Bridging the ancient and modern ».


In the evening, all participants attended the Kleosthenis Route of Truce "Fun Run" and the Traditional Greek Food Festival.


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See you today for the third and final day of the CISM International Symposium 2021.


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