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CISM International Symposium 2021 - Ancient Olympia (GRE) - Day 3


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ANCIENT OLYMPIA (GRE) - The CISM International Symposium 2021 ended on Saturday in Ancient Olympia, Greece, with the third and final day of the event bringing together scientists and military personnel from around the world in the birthplace of the most famous and important sporting event in the ancient world, the Olympic Games.


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The final day of the Symposium focused on "Military Sport Events Management - Social and Political Aspects" with 5 presentations chaired by Colonel Grigory Dmitriev and Lieutenant Colonel Ghulam Shabbir Anjum on "Military Sports" to open the day : « Military Academy Cadets physical activity during the pandemic » by Sasho Danevski (North Macedonia), « Military Training Traits is Key to Success in Competitive Sports » by Lieutenant-Colonel Ghulam Shabbir Anjum (Pakistan), « The importance of the military school competitions in the values development of the young cadet in the Brazilian Army´s Military Academy » by Colonel Renato Souza Pinto Soeiro (Brazil), « Building Sport and Military Peace Support Operations » by Dr. Alexander Cárdenas (Colombia) and « Organization of the III World Cadet Games given the experience in organizing sports events in the context of pandemic » by Lieutenant-Colonel Andrei Politov.


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The morning continued with a Round Table session on « Safeguarding from violence and abuse in army sport » chaired by Professor Maria Michalopoulou and Lieutenant Colonel Christian Lützkendorf with the following presentations : « Sexual harassment and abuse in Sport » by Professor Stiliani “Ani” Chroni of the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, « Risk factors for harassment and abuse in the army » by Professor Kari Fasting of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, « Preventing harassment and abuse in sport » by Mr. Håvard B. Øvregård of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport.

After a lunchtime visit to the archaeological site and museum of Ancient Olympia, a first conference session was chaired by Colonel Fernando Luiz Nóbrega with a presentation by Brigadier-General Farshad Najafipour (Iran) on "A Novel Approach for the Mental Readiness".


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The last session of presentations took place in the afternoon with the theme « Sports and the Veteran » and was chaired by Colonel Odysseas Paxinos and Mr. Nikos Provias. Nikos Provias: « Organizing a major multinational event for elderly individuals - The Golden Age Gymnastics Cup » by Nikolaos Provias MSc of the University of Crete (Greece), « Knee osteoarthritis and pain perception in end of career military personnel » by Colonel Odysseas Paxinos, « The Defense Paralympic Project in support of the disabled personnel » by Captain Roberto Recchia (Italy) and « Danish Model - Rehabilitation and personal development through sport » by Sara Almholt Hjalager (Denmark).

The scientific part of the CISM International Symposium 2021 closed with a conference session chaired by Colonel Luiz Fernando Nóbrega with two external guest lectures: "The Invictus Games" by Mr. Richard Smith CBE (UK) and "Revival of the modern Olympic Games" by Professor Kostantinos Georgiadis, Dean of the International Olympic Academy.


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The Closing Ceremony took place right after the last scientific presentations in presence of the CISM President General Hervé Piccirillo, the CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, the Deputy Chief of Defense of the Greek Armed Forces Vice-Admiral Ioannis Drymoysis HN, the vice-Governor of the region of Western Greece Mr. Dimitrios Nikolakopoulos, the Mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. Georgios Georgiopoulos, the CISM Delegates, the representatives of the Greek Delegation to CISM as well as local and international High Authorities.


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General Hervé Piccirillo awarded Vice-Admiral Ioannis Drymoysis HN with a CISM Plaque for the valuable and generous support offered by the Greek Armed Forces to CISM in its activities. The CISM President also awarded

Commander Christos Kalaitzidis HN and Lieutenant-Commander Florentia Sfakianou HN with the Knight medal of the CISM Order of Merit for their support to the organization of this event and their contribution to the development of CISM and world military sports.


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The CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita awarded the Commandant Raoul Mollet award, a CISM Sports Science award presented in recognition of a high impact research about Military Sports and Armed Forces physical activities in its broad spectrum, that promotes the CISM values and enhances the CISM visibility in the scientific and academic fields. Two prizes were awarded on this occasion. The first one Major Athinodoros Moschopoulos, for his PHD dissertation on “ The historical evolution of CISM” published in 2020. The second award was given by the CISM Academy Judging Commission, who carefully analyzed all the manuscripts and presentations of the event, to the Brazilian Delegation to CISM, led by Colonel Renato Soeiro, in appreciation of the great contribution to the scientific program of this symposium.


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Then the CISM President took the floor to close the event: “It is my honor to close this Symposium 2021. During these few days, we have rediscovered the taste of freedom, the freedom to move, to meet and to smile. In fact, we have just started living together again. It was for us a great relief but also the feeling that we can start believing in a better future again”.

He also added: “Through this symposium, CISM created awareness amongst military leaders around the world on the contribution of sport as a vector for operational readiness, peacekeeping operations and better understanding between the armed forces and people of the world. This symposium is a valuable and strategic platform to share concepts, information, knowledges, and experiences between members countries. We discussed about military sport, history, science, management and related health subjects. I have the feeling that we learned a lot. This symposium could be considered as a new start for the science of the military sport despite the current context of pandemic".


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“Finally, I would like to warmly congratulate the Greek Armed Forces, the civilian authorities, the Greek Delegation to CISM, the CISM Sport & Science Commission, the speakers and all you for your presence. To conclude, I would like to express a special thanks to Colonel Luiz Fernando, the CISM Sports Director. He will leave us at the end of this year. So dear Luiz many thanks for your commitment to the cause of CISM.”, concluded the CISM President.

As a conclusion to the event, Admiral Ioannis Drymoysis HN officially declared closed the CISM International Symposium.




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Thank you Greece for the organization of this important and amazing event of the CISM Calendar 2021!


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