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CISM Board of Directors Meeting 2022/3 – Larnaca (CYP) – Day 2 & 3


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LARNACA (CYP) - The second and third days of the CISM 2022/3 Board of Directors Meeting continued in the facilities of the Sun Hall Hotel, Larnaca, under the leadership of Colonel Dirk Schwede, CISM Acting President, and Navy Captain Roberto Recchia, CISM Secretary General.

The second session took place on October 25 and was dedicated to the CISM Sports Policy and the CISM World Games.

At the level of the CISM Sports Policy, three persons succeeded each other and presented the reports of their respective fields. First, Colonel HAF - MD, MSC, PHD, FACS, Odysseas Paxinos, President of the CISM Sports Science Commission (SSC), highlighted the tasks and organization of the SSC and the CISM Academy (ACISM), followed by Lieutenant-Jure Velepec, President the CISM Sports Commission, who proposed to redefine the mandate and tasks of his commission as well as some actions to improve Parasports within CISM.


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Lieutenant-Colonel Jan Van den Dool, CISM Sports Director, then took the floor and presented the following topics of discussion: strategy regarding the implementation of new sports, regulations change on criteria for parasport athletes, budget Host Nation Incentive Program 2023, regulations change for mixed teams, the CISM Sports calendar updates and closing with the approval of the nomination of the new President of the CISM Sport Committee (PCSC) for Skiing, the Swedish LtCol Stefan Fredriksson and the confirmation for two more years of the French PCSC Archery, LtCol Eric Geoffroy.

The second session then closed with a presentation by Colonel Joseph Bakari, CISM Games Department Director, on the integration of a Pre-University Cadet Educational Schools tournament in 2024 and several updates regarding the future organization of the CISM World Games.


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The third and final session of the CISM Board of Directors was held on October 26. Mr. David Vandenplas presented updates on the Media and Communication Department including the implementation of a new communication plan as well as the latest news on CISM's relations with the International Federations.

Finally, Mr. Maxime Sempo, Director of Development & Partnership, closed the last working session by presenting to the Board of Directors the achievements of his department regarding the International Day of Military Sports, the search for financial and institutional partners and the other steps already performed.


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The CISM Acting President, Colonel Dirk Schwede, took the floor for the closing remarks, thanked the members of the Board of Directors for the demanding work done during the three days of meetings and welcomed the decisions taken for the future of CISM.

The day continued with the Closing Ceremony of the event, the Gift Exchange, and a Gala Dinner in the presence of all participants.

Thanks to the Cypriot delegation for the warm welcome and the qualified support to the development of our institution through the perfect organization of this institutional event.


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However, the party is not over in Larnaca, because from today the delegates of the European Nations of CISM arrive in Cyprus to attend the CISM European Conference!


(Source : CISM Media and Communication Department)