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45th WMC Parachuting - Güssing (AUT) - Update 1



GÜSSING (AUT) - The World Military Parachuting Championship started this Wednesday at the Montecuccoli Barracks in Güssing with the Opening Ceremony of the event for which about 220 military athletes from 35 nations came to Austria.


The WMC Parachuting opened yesterday for the first time in Burgenland with the raising of the Austrian flag. It was a historic moment for the Montecuccoli barracks in Güssing and for the army in Burgenland.


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The Opening Ceremony took place in the presence of Official CISM Representative of the event and BoD Member General Omar Guerriche, Military Commander and Head of the Organizing Committee Brigadier-General Gernot Gasser, PCSC Parachuting Colonel Gernot Ritteschober, Regional Sports Councilor Mr. Heinrich Dorner, Chiefs of Missions of the participating nations, as well as high ranking local and international authorities.


General Omar Guerriche took the opportunity of his opening speech to welcome the participants and to thank the organizers: "We were also very touched by the kindness and the legendary hospitality of the Austrian people as well as by the beauty of a country of which you will be able to discover some of the most beautiful facets".


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He also added: "CISM, by entrusting the organization of this 45th edition of the World Military Parachuting Championship to the Austrian delegation, already knew the organizational talents of Austria, which has confirmed once again the important rank it occupies within our organization, since the Austrian delegation has organized three CISM World Military Parachuting Championships in the past. Dear athletes, I know you have trained hard for this sporting event, but my wish is to see you compete in the spirit of fair play, camaraderie and brotherhood, and in the true spirit of CISM values."


"This is a fame for Austria and for the Austrian Army. We must not forget that CISM brings together 140 nations," said military commander and head of the organizing committee Gernot Gasser.


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Regional Sports Councilor Heinrich Dorner also emphasized the people-bonding character of the world championships. "This is an important sign, especially in times like these - sport not only connects people, but also nations".


Over the next eight days, our paratroopers will compete in three disciplines: the world champions will be chosen in accuracy, formation and style. The start will be given from the Montecuccoli barracks in Güssing and from the airfield in Punitz.


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For the athletes, all of whom are active in military service, the accuracy competition began Wednesday. They will be transported by helicopter to an altitude of 1000 meters. After the jump, they must make a successful spot landing. The parachutists have to land on a spot the size of a 20 cent coin. To do this, they have a specially designed shoe and try to touch the spot.


3,000 parachute jumps


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On Wednesday, the style competitions will also start at the Punitz airfield. The aim of the competition is to perform circular movements and somersaults in a short time, which are simultaneously evaluated by the referees via a screen. 3,000 parachute jumps will take place in Güssing and Punitz until July 30. On Thursday, during the open day for students, there will also be a presentation of the performances.



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(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department / Pictures: Austrian Delegation to CISM / Mr. Carsten Thiel)