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45th WMC Parachuting - Güssing (AUT) - Update 3



GÜSSING (AUT) - The final day of competition at the 45th World Military Parachuting Championship ended yesterday and all results are now complete and official.


Spectators witnessed exciting finals with several tie-breakers jumps scheduled in the presence of military attachés from several nations who visited the competition site yesterday.


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First of all, Germany won the Team Accuracy Male competition. But what is this discipline? Competitors jump in teams of 5, exiting the aircraft at 1000 meters and opening their parachutes sequentially to allow each competitor a clear approach to the target. Their individual scores count for both the individual competition and for the team competition, the best of 4 is used. For the team event the maximum number of rounds is 10, with a minimum number of 2 required to qualify for an event.


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The Germans Christoph Zahler, Nils Kammer, Robin Griesheimer, Kai Erthel and Stefan Wiesner proved to be the strongest in this competition, finishing with 31 points. The Czech team, composed of Petr Chladek, Petr Smesny, Miloslav Kriz, Bonifac Hajek and Oldrich Sorf, finished on the second place of the podium, 14 points behind Germany, while the Frenchmen Thomas Jeannerot, Mathieu Guinde, Stephane Meder, Jean Vignuales and Flavien Morel finished on the third place of the podium with 47 points.


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In the women's event, the French Déborah Ferrand, Léocadier Ollivier de Pury, Stéphanie Texier, Laura Jaguelin and Maud Servé impressed again by taking the first place of the Team Accuracy Female event with a total of 100 points ahead of Morocco (Ikram Noufel, Samira Mahnine, Fatima-Zahra El Abiad, Rajae Baroch and Hanane Ichou) and Korea (Jisun Lee, Yiseul Park, Seongmi Kim, Huynji Lee and Jinyoung Lee), respectively bronze and silver medalists with 116 and 198 points.


The last competition on the program was the Formation Skydiving. Formation Skydiving is the art of building formations or patterns in freefall. The discipline is executed in the prone position (with belly to earth). A competition team consists of 4 performers, and one videographer. A competition consists of 8 rounds, and each round consists of up to 6 formations. The teams have 35 seconds to continually and correctly repeat the sequence of formations in freefall. Each correctly completed formation scores one point. The winning team will be the team that has collected the most points, by completing the most correct formations within time after the final round is complete. In case of weather or technical problems, or other causes, a competition will be valid as long as all participating teams have completed at least one round.


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In the men's competition, it was again a great competition with some of the best athletes in the world present in Guessing. And the podium was identical to the one in 2021. The Belgian team, composed of Koen Vangestel, Jeroen Nollet, David Grauwels, Dennis Praet and Michele Silvi won again their title by beating their favorite rival, Qatar, composed of Hamad Al Marri, Rashid Al Kubaisi, Fahad Al Shamari, Abdulaziz Al Shammari and Pavel Skotak, by more than 21 points. The Germans Christoph Zahler, Nils Kammer, Robin Griesheimer, Kai Erthel and Stefan Wiesner finished on the third place of the podium. In the women's category, the Koreans Jisun Lee, Yiseul Park, Seongmi Kim, Hyunji Lee, Jinyoung Lee and Yunseok Ju were just ahead of the Moroccans Ikram Noufel, Samira Mahnine, Fatima-Zahra El Abiad, Rajae Baroch and Noureddine Oujjat, silver medallists, who win the world military title while France (Déborah Ferrand, Léocadie Ollivier de Pury, Stéphanie Texier, Maud Servé and David Ricard) takes the bronze medal.


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Germany takes the first place of the Team Overall Male ranking in front of the Czech Republic and Brazil, while in the women's category, it is France that finishes on the first place of the podium of the Team Overall Female ranking in front of Korea and Morocco.


Today, all participants will have the opportunity to take part in the cultural visit planned in Vienna or to enjoy the outdoor pool or the nearby lake to refresh themselves.

A dinner at Guessing Castle and the traditional gift exchange will be held in the evening, while all award ceremonies will take place on Wednesday, June 29.



(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department / Pictures: Austrian Delegation to CISM / Mr. Carsten Thiel)