Military athletes successfully participated in the FAI World Parachuting Championships in Tanay, Russia


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TANAY (RUS) - The International Skydiing Commission (ISC) combines every 4 years all possible World Championships in the different parachuting disciplines into one big event called "Mondial".


Due to the constraints of Covid-19, the 2020 Mondial has been postponed to August 2021 and in order to have fewer people at the venue at the same time, the different competitions have been separated in time and place.


The three CISM disciplines, 4way-Formation, Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing were held during the first week of the World Cup with medal ceremonies on 14 and 15 August. Other FAI-only disciplines such as Canopy Formation, Wingsuit Flying and Artistic Events will follow during the second week of the Mondial, which will end on 20 August.


From a CISM perspective, the medal tally could not be better.


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Multiple CISM champions and record holders, the Belgian Military Team Hayabusa, won the gold medal in 4way Formation with a fantastic average score of 32.2. The Qatar Tigers, the military team from the next CISM World Military Parachuting Championship Host Country, took the bronze medal just behind the silver medallists from the USA, Arizona Airspeed, former FAI World Champion in 4Way Formation (and the only non-military medallist at this championship).


In Freefall Style, the top ten places in the ranking are occupied by military athletes in both men and women events.


2021 FAI World Champion Libor Jiroušek from the Czech Republic is also a former military world champion. Silver medallist Alexey Bykov of the Russian Parachute Federation (RPF) and Sorf Oldrich have several CISM podium finishes to their credit.


On the Women's Style podium, well-known CISM athletes Elena Tusheva and Evgenia Furman (both RPF) won gold and silver ahead of Léocadie Ollivier De Pury (FRA) who won bronze. 


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In the Accuracy Landing, the battle for the medals was tight until the very end, with several tie-breaking jumps for the podium.


The gold medal was won by France's Sylvain Ferroni with a 0.00 in the centre in the last jump ahead of former CISM Champion Jiří Gečnuk from the Czech Republic with a score of 0.01 in the last tie-break jump. Slovakia's Tomáš Marcinek took bronze as he also needed two extra jumps to get past the unlucky Thomas Jeannerot, who finished fourth. 


The women's podium was also composed of former CISM Champions Olga Mastafanova, Lubov Ekshikeeva (RPF) ahead of Leocadie Ollivier De Pury Leocadie.


A very good sign for the future is that our military athletes also won medals in the FAI Junior Ranking with Belarus, RPF and Austria on the podium. We look forward to their future performances in the CISM WMPCs.


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The next occasion where most of the best parachuting athletes in 4way, Style and Accuracy will meet is the 44th CISM World Championship that will take place in November in Doha, Qatar (44th WMC Parachuting - Doha (QAT)).


At Preliminary Registration date last week, about 40 CISM nations have sent their Agreement.


FAI Mondial details:


(Source: CSC Parachuting - International Parachuting Commission - Pictures: Lesya - Marat Daminov)