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Military Parachute Training exchange marks start of 2023 season


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SALZBURG (AUT) - In February 2023, the Hungarian military parachute team participated in a special joint military training in Salzburg, Austria.

The training was based on a bilateral collaboration between the Hungarian and Austrian armies in order to train the athletes for the upcoming season, especially for the Para-Ski competition.

Para-Skiing includes skiing events (giant slalom) and precision landing on a slope, a sport originating from mountain rescue units and special forces missions involving mountain top jumps followed by downhill skiing. The 2nd WMC Para-Ski will be part of the sports program of the 5th CISM World Winter Games scheduled for 2025 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The main objective of this international coaching cooperation is to optimize the use of available knowledge and resources. The teams have established excellent contact and conducted a quality training camp for paratroopers to improve their physical condition and transfer their skiing skills to the troops.


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Later, at the beginning of March, the Hungarian Defense Forces jointly organized a joint paratrooper training camp with the German and Austrian Armies in Szolnok.

During this period, which corresponds to the beginning of the training season, the world-renowned teams performed numerous precise training jumps from Hungarian Air Force helicopters. The paratroopers made seven jumps per training day, except when weather conditions were unfavorable. Overall, the camp was successful, with no injuries reported, and provided an opportunity to share training methods and skills.

In conclusion, this cooperation between these countries and their military teams is an excellent example of how we can improve this sport and be true to the CISM motto: "Friendship through Sport".

(Source: Capt Tamas Banszki, Secretary of CSC Parachuting)