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Thrilling Competition Continues at CISM Parachuting Tournament and 55th Spanish Military Championship




Day 4 Sees Intense Battles in Accuracy Landing, Formation Skydiving, and Freefall Style as tension rises as temperature !

SAN JAVIER (ESP) - The excitement and tension continued to build on the fourth day of the CISM Parachuting Tournament and 55th Spanish Military Championship held at the San Javier airbase. As the sun beat down on the participants, the competition remained fierce with top contenders vying for the coveted medals.


Individual Accuracy Event:


The calm morning wind allowed the Meet Director to make the crucial decision to conduct two additional rounds of the Accuracy Landing event. With seven rounds completed, the next round on day five will be crucial for determining individual accuracy, culminating after eight rounds. Currently, OR7 Kriz Miroslav from the Czech Republic holds the lead with an impressive 8cm landing, just one centimeter ahead of MSG Weber Elischa from Germany (9cm). The third spot is tightly contested, with three competitors from Czech Republic, Morocco, and Germany tied at 10cm.





In the female individual accuracy category, OR3 Gomez Hurtado Ma Del Carmen maintains a lead, but the battle for silver and bronze is fierce, as athletes from Morocco and Germany are hot on her heels.




For detailed results, please visit the official website of the event ! Subject to favorable wind conditions, the individual medals are scheduled to be contested on Thursday, 20th July, during the morning session.


Team Accuracy Event:

For the team accuracy event, three rounds remain until the medals are awarded. The top male team, representing the Czech Republic, sits comfortably in the gold medal position with a total of 35cm. However, the competition is fierce for the second place, with Germany (61cm) and Spain and Austria tied (64cm) in the battle for silver.


In the female team accuracy category, Morocco holds a lead with 80cm, followed by Korea (110cm) and Spain (126cm).


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Heat Wave Challenge:

The competitors faced an additional challenge as the San Javier area and the rest of Spain were hit by a heatwave, with temperatures soaring above 40°C and humidity exceeding 50%. The anticyclone "Charon" was to blame for the searing conditions. In an unprecedented move in CISM parachuting history, the Meet Director took the decision to pause the competition in the afternoon to allow participants to cool down and relax on the nearby beaches of Mar Menor.

Following the break, the competition resumed at 5:30 pm to conclude Round 4 of Formation and Round 3 of Freefall Style.

Formation Skydiving:

After the completion of the fourth round, the male Formation Skydiving leaderboard remains tight, with Spain and Türkiye both scoring 25 points, separated by a mere two points. Meanwhile, Quatar holds a comfortable 10-point lead.


In the female Formation Skydiving category, the battle for gold is equally intense, with Korea (91 points) holding a slim lead of two points over Morocco (89 points), with the Spanish female team in third place.


For all the results, please visit: https://intimescoring.com/Meet?dbid=71&mid=72&smid=0 !


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Freefall Style:


After the third round, the male Freefall Style event sees a shift in the third-place position, as OR8 Chladek Petr now occupies that spot, edging out SGT Kammer Elias. The fight for silver and bronze medals is incredibly close, with less than a second separating the top contenders.




In the female Freefall Style competition, the current top three athletes remain unchanged, and unless a major penalty affects the standings, the medal rankings are likely to hold until the end.




The following athletes are at the forefront of the individual overall standings (Accuracy+Style):


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  • Male:




  • Female:




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Team Overall Standings:


The most important classification, the team overall, remains largely unchanged after seven rounds of Accuracy, four rounds of Formation, and three rounds of Freefall Style:


  • Male Teams: Czech Republic leads with 7 points, followed closely by Spain with 8 points, and Germany holds the third position with 11 points.
  • Female Teams: Korea maintains its lead with 4 points, followed by Morocco with 6 points and Spain with 8 points.


As the competition heads into its final days, spectators can expect more thrilling performances and fiercely fought battles as the best of the best vie for top honors in this prestigious parachuting tournament. Stay tuned for more updates on the CISM Parachuting Tournament and 55th Spanish Military Championship.




(Source: CSC Parachuting)