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Triumph and tradition: CISM Parachuting Tournament and 55th Spanish Military Championship concludes in San Javier, Spain




SAN JAVIER (ESP) - The prestigious Airforce Academy in San Javier, Spain, once again played host to the exhilarating CISM Parachuting Tournament and the 55th Spanish Military Championship, a remarkable event that brought together military parachuting teams from 8 nations. The closing ceremony marked the end of an action-packed competition, held in accordance with World Military Parachuting Championship (WMPC) rules, where tradition, camaraderie, and skill were on full display.


The tournament, organized in a style befitting a World Military Championship, received overwhelming participation from CISM parachuting teams, all eager to showcase their aerial prowess. Under the meticulous supervision of Colonel Jose Carlos García-Verdugo, a distinguished member of the CISM Board of Directors, and Colonel Pedro Diaz Herrero, Director of Sports in the Airforce and a member of the Superior Council of Military Sports, every detail, from technical installations to logistics and protocol, was meticulously arranged.




The esteemed event also witnessed the presence of notable personalities, including San Javier's Mayor, Mr. José Miguel Luengo Gallego, Lieutenant-General Enrique Biosca Vázquez, Chief of the Human Resources Command in the Air and Space Force, and Colonel Pascual Soria Martínez, the Director of the Academy. Their support and encouragement added a touch of grandeur to the closing ceremony.


Following the true spirit of CISM regulations, the awards ceremony honored outstanding performances. Notably, in a demonstration of fairness, when only three female teams participated, only gold and silver medals were awarded. The event upheld the highest standards of sportsmanship, guided by an Official CISM Representative and BoD Member, Navy Captain Spyridon Andriopoulos.


DSC00718From l. to r. Elischa Weber, Petr Chládek and Elias Kammer


A series of brief speeches by the OCR Navy Captain Spyridon Andriopoulos, Lieutenant-General Enrique Biosca Vázquez, and San Javier's Mayor, José Miguel Luengo Gallego, added a heartfelt touch to the closing ceremony, acknowledging the efforts and dedication of all participants.


As the flags of CISM and Spain were lowered, accompanied by their respective anthems, it served as a symbolic culmination of the event, signifying unity and respect for all nations involved. Even the adherence to the unique rule of playing anthems only for team awards, not individual champions, demonstrated the event's commitment to upholding CISM General Regulations.


DSC00719From l. to r. Maria del Carmen Gomez Hurtado (ESP), Zoe Stoll (GER) and Jisun Lee (KOR)


However, the most poignant moment of the ceremony came when the participants gathered at the monument of fallen soldiers for a touching memory ceremony. The event was a somber reminder of the sacrifices made by comrades in arms, fostering a sense of unity and respect among the participants.


To adhere to tradition, the closing ceremony was followed by a time-honored banquet, where participants and officials shared stories and memories, strengthening the bonds forged during the tournament. The camaraderie displayed throughout the event highlighted the true essence of military sportsmanship.




With hearts filled with pride and cherished memories, participants from around the world bid farewell to San Javier, carrying with them the spirit of camaraderie and excellence that define military parachuting competitions. The success of the CISM Parachuting Tournament and the 55th Spanish Military Championship will undoubtedly inspire future generations of parachuting enthusiasts to reach new heights in the skies and continue the legacy of this esteemed competition.





(Source: CSC Parachuting)