52nd WMC Sailing - Marín (ESP) – Day 2


Opening Ceremony (6)


MARÍN - PONTEVEDRA (ESP) - The preliminary meeting of the 52nd World Military Sailing Championship took place yesterday morning (7 June) and was chaired by Major Jan-Henrik Back, CISM Official Representative for this competition and Member of the Board of Directors, and led by Captain Jorge G. Flethes, Technical Director of the 52nd WMC Sailing in the presence of all the Chiefs of Mission of the nine member nations present.


Opening Ceremony (3)


In the afternoon, the 52nd WMC Sailing officially started with the opening ceremony of the event in the presence of Colonel Hervé Piccirillo, CISM President, Captain Ignacio Cuartero Lorenzo, Commander of the Spanish Naval Academy, Colonel Jose Carlos Garcia-Verdugo, BoD Member and Chief of the Spanish Delegation, Major Jan Henrik Back, BoD Member and OCR of the competition, Commander Henri Duval, President of the CISM Sailing Committee (PCSC), Brigadier Hassan A. A. Awad, former PCSC Sailing, Captain Jorge G. Flethes, Technical Director of the event, Colonel Jose Rodríguez-Guerra, responsible for the organisation of the event, and Lieutenant-Colonel Victor Lopez Antolin, Secretary of the Spanish Delegation to CISM, as well as the local and international authorities. It was a simple but emblematic ceremony due to the fulfilment of all the protocols against COVID-19!


During the ceremony, the CISM President awarded the CISM Knight's Medal to Navy Captain Jorge G. Flethes, Colonel Jose Rodríguez-Guerra and Lieutenant Colonel Victor Lopez Antolin.


GIft Exchange (5)


Twenty sailors (ten male and ten female athletes) from nine countries gathered for this event. This is a remarkable event in the history of CISM because, after a year and six months of inertia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the rebirth of CISM and a great opportunity for military personnel from different nations to meet and make friends through sport.


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(Source: CISM General Secretariat)