Sport has the power to unite people and nations


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TOKYO (JAP) - Sport has the power to unite people and nations even beyond the lines of competition. And, towards the end of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, that link was proven once again. Last Friday (03), Brazilian Air Force Doctor Lieutenant Leonardo Mota, accompanied by Dr. Gustavo Stalen and Nurse Ana Paula Zalem (both from medical paralympic team), helped Belgian wheelchair tennis athlete Joachim Gérard, 32, who suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest in the Paralympic village facilities.


At that time, Dr. Leonardo Mota who was in Tokyo to support the Brazilian Paralympic athletes was in the medical department of Brazilian Delegation, which was shared with part of the delegation from Belgium and Germany Delegation. Upon being warned that an athlete was unconscious, Mota went out for assistance and, upon arriving at the scene, came across Gerard unconscious and receiving assistance from the coach.


Ten Mota


Upon seeing that it was a cardiac arrest, the lieutenant immediately identified himself and took over the resuscitation maneuvers and began using the defibrillator. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the Belgian athlete was already conscious and oriented. According to Leonardo, when talking to the Japanese doctor, he explained what he had done and what was the suspicion of the case. Gerard was taken to hospital in Tokyo and now he is under medical care and is doing well.


“The Belgian and German doctors who called me to discuss the case and congratulate the service. And Gerard's coaches were very grateful and gave me lots of chocolate and champagne,” he said. Currently, the medical lieutenant works as a vascular surgeon at the Hospital das Forças Armadas (HFA) in Brasília.


(Source: CISM Brazilian Delegation to CISM)