Climbing for Peace – Damavand - The Symbol of Ancient Iran - Update




TEHRAN (IRI) – After the opening ceremony of the event, the climbers moved to the event area on September 11 where they settled in the village of Polour. They had a great time and climbers from different nations got to know each other. All climbers, including Russians, Indians, Armenians and Tanzanians, rested in the first station.


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Early in the morning of September 12, all the climbers, including 70 professional climbers, moved to the second station with great enthusiasm using the tactical vehicles of the Iranian army.

Upon arrival at this station called in the local language "Bargah 2" and after being briefed and checked by the guides and the group leader, the climbers started their ascent. This first ascent included some difficulties and some climbers encountered a small problem due to the lack of acclimatization, but finally, after 5 hours of climbing, they reached the station 3 around 13.00.


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After two hours of rest, the climbers, in order to prepare for the final ascent and acclimatization, made a simple trek of about 400 meters to the summit, then returned to the station and spent the night in the camp. The night was very cold, with a strong wind and a temperature of -15° on the mountain.


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On September 13, at an altitude of 4500 meters, the climbers then headed to the summit with full equipment at 4 am. The ascent started in very cold conditions, but the situation gradually improved and once they reached 5000 meters, all the climbers finally made the ascent. Nevertheless, due to problems related to non-acclimatization and lack of oxygen at the summit, some climbers encountered some problems and the Iranian climbers had to bring them back to Station 3. Fortunately, the team's doctors observed minor problems without any consequences.


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When the climbers reached the Roof of Iran, Damavand, located at 5610 meters, the group was filled with indescribable joy despite the phosphorous gas that had caused breathing problems, not preventing the CISM climbers from stopping for a long time to celebrate and take commemorative photos. At the top of the peak, the president of Iranian Federation of Mountaineering and Sport Climbing was also present with his team and received the finisher's medal together with the Iranian Head of Delegation of CISM, Brigadier-General Jamshid Fooladi; the PCSC Climbing, Colonel Artem Gromov ; Iranian Secretary of CISM and Member of CSC Judo, Colonel Reza Bagheri; Member of CSC Shooting and Iran's Head of Mission for this event, Lieutenant-Colonel Hassan Chamkalani; President of Russian Sport Climbing Federation, Mr. Dmitry Byckov and the Chiefs of Mission of the participating nations.


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All these participants then attended the Closing Ceremony of the event also held in the presence of Major-General Habib Ullah Sayyari, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Army and Deputy Coordinator of the Army.

The Chief of the Iranian Delegation to CISM, Brigadier General Jamshid Fooladi, spoke at the ceremony: "The Damavand is a symbol of greatness, stability, endurance, beauty and honor of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At this glorious moment, I would like to congratulate all those who have successfully climbed the high peak of Damavand. This magnificent ascent, which occurred for the first time in the history of CISM sports, will be remembered by our organization. As I mentioned during the opening ceremony, I hope that the conquest of the Damavand summit, which was achieved with the motto "Climbing for Peace", will be the beginning of the conquest of other high peaks of the world by military forces in the form of CISM programs.”


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Major-General Habib Ullah Sayyari also took the floor to close the event: "It is a certainty that with the increase in international interactions and communications, especially within CISM, sports events are among the most important tools to promote peace, friendship, intimacy and synergy between nations and governments. It is for this purpose that the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted the first CISM Climbing for Peace event with the slogan "Climbing for Peace", which aimed at deepening friendly relations among the participating countries and strengthening the physical and mental capabilities of the armed forces personnel in line with CISM objectives. We believe that the continuation of these programs, as well as the strengthening of peace and friendship between nations, and the increase of stability and security in the world, has created an appropriate platform by taking advantage of the independent cultural, economic and social capabilities of countries, " concluded Major-General Habib Ullah Sayyari.


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Thank you Iran and see you soon for another important Sport for Peace event !


Download the program of the event here.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)