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Opening Ceremony of the CISM Technical Assistance Program between Tanzania and Germany




DAR ES SALAAM (TAN) - As part of the implementation of Solidarity Programs by CISM Member Nations, the German Delegation to CISM is currently in Tanzania for a technical assistance program in basketball and volleyball.


This project is coordinated by the CISM Africa Representative, Colonel Joseph Bakari, CISM Games Director and the Chiefs of Delegation of Tanzania, Brigadier General Selemani Gwaya, and Germany, Lieutenant Colonel Christian Lützkendorf.




This technical assistance project will take place between September 19 and 29, 2022, and will involve training for coaches and referees in classic and 3X3 basketball as well as volleyball in which nearly 100 people will participate.


This collaboration began in November 2018 when the first session of basketball and boxing training took place, followed by a second session to complete the program in June 2019. A total of 120 coaches from TPDF and other associated security bodies had the opportunity to participate in this event.




In his speech during the Opening Ceremony of the event, Brigadier-General Selemani Gwaya said, "Our gathering here has an important significance which is none other than the continuation of the immersed support and continuous cooperation in the field of sports given to Tanzania by our friends at CISM in Germany.  This continuity can also be attributed to the long-standing diplomatic relations that our two nations have enjoyed since time immemorial. We all know that qualified coaches, adequate facilities and equipment and talented athletes are part of the factors for the development of a nation's sports. In Tanzania, as in many African nations, we have talented athletes, but in most cases what we lack are qualified coaches, let alone modern equipment and facilities. Through these trainings, we have already seen significant progress in our boxers and basketball players. These results show the importance of CISM's solidarity and technical assistance, as emphasized by the head of the German delegation to CISM, Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Lützkendorf, who is with us today!".




For his part, Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Lützkendorf declared: "It is an honor and a privilege to be invited to your beautiful country. The fact that we are allowed to be here in Tanzania for the third time shows that our project, which we started together in 2018, is not just a one-time event, but expresses what CISM stands for: "Friendship through Sport". Our previous sports experience exchange from 2018 and 2019 was very successful. Tanzania demonstrated this impressively just a few weeks ago. We were very happy that male and female teams from Tanzania participated in the 1st CISM Military World Championships in Basketball 3x3 in Germany. We hope that Tanzania will also establish itself in these sports in CISM and become as successful as in basketball."




He also added: "But, we also want to learn from you, our Tanzanian friends. We would like to learn how sports are practiced in the Tanzanian armed forces and we would like to experience the Tanzanian way of life. We look forward to fascinating insights into your rich culture and breathtaking nature. We are looking forward to eventful days, to make new friends and to collect many impressions here in Tanzania. We thank for the Tanzanian hospitality !".


(Source : CISM General Secretariat)