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54th WMC Shooting – Rio de Janeiro (BRA) – Day 1


WMC Shooting



The 54th WMC Shooting kicks off with spectacular Opening Ceremony


RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA) – The 54th edition of the World Military Shooting Sports Championship commenced on a dazzling note this Saturday, September 23, 2023, at the Military Shooting Sports Center in Rio de Janeiro. This prestigious event brings together 127 elite athletes from 16 CISM Member Nations.


127 athletes from Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Hungary, Iran, Luxembourg, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey have gathered to compete in a total of 16 events encompassing both long and short firearms across men's and women's categories.


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The spotlight shines brightly on the Brazilian team, led by the remarkable Army Captain Philipe Chateaubrian Neves Freitas Severo. Captain Severo has achieved a historic milestone as the first Brazilian athlete to secure a coveted spot at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Furthermore, he boasts the title of Pan American champion in the compressed air pistol category, adding to his impressive list of accomplishments.


The morning session witnessed athletes conducting essential equipment checks and participating in mandatory controlled shooting, a crucial preview of the competition. Colonel Iengo, coach of the Brazilian Team, emphasized the significance of this preliminary experience, stating, "Controlled shooting is an opportunity for athletes to familiarize themselves with the shooting range, lighting, temperature, relative humidity of the air, and overall ambiance, factors that can make a significant difference in the competition."


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In the afternoon, team leaders and coaches engaged in the Technical Meeting, setting the stage for the days ahead. The highlight of the day was the grand Opening Ceremony held at the Arena Coronel Wenceslau Malta, where dignitaries from the Armed Forces and international delegations gathered to celebrate the occasion.


The ceremony, presided over by Army General Richard Fernandez Nunes, featured the mesmerizing performance of the Marine Marching Band, which captivated the audience with their impeccably trained and executed evolutions and movements. The event was marked by the presentation of the Medal of the Order of Merit from CISM to deserving recipients.


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Vice Admiral Roberto Rossato, Director of the Military Sports Department, officially declared the opening of the championship, signaling the start of competitions across six disciplines that will unfold over the next five days.


The Opening Ceremony embodied the spirit of precision and camaraderie, highlighting the role of sport as a unifying force among nations. Colonel Rolim, CISM President, underscored the championship's significance in promoting athletic excellence and fostering international cooperation among military personnel from diverse backgrounds.


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In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, this World Military Shooting Championship promises a thrilling showcase of skill and sportsmanship, as athletes from around the world come together to compete in the spirit of "Friendship through sport."



(Source: Brazilian Delegation to CISM)