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54th WMC Shooting – Rio de Janeiro (BRA) – Day 4 & 5


WMC Shooting





RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA) – On the sidelines of the 54th WMC Shooting competitions currently taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  the Minister of Defense, José Mucio Monteiro, along with high-ranking officials from the Department, were presented with the prestigious Medal of the Order of Merit by CISM in a distinguished ceremony held this Tuesday morning at the Military Shooting Sports Center (CMTE). This significant recognition highlights their exceptional contributions to upholding CISM's ideals and objectives while furthering the development of sports within the Armed Forces.


Among the distinguished recipients of the Medal of the Order of Merit were: Air Lieutenant General R/1 Heraldo Luiz Rodrigues, Secretary of Personnel, Health, Sports and Social Projects (SEPESD/MD); Fernando Almeida Riomar, Chief of Staff, SEPESD; Cavalry Colonel Marcelo Ferme Dos Santos, Commander of the Army Riding School; 3rd Sergeant Ellen Caroline de Souza, Military Aeronautical Pentathlon World Champion; 3rd Sergeant Áila Alvez Miranda, Naval Pentathlon World Champion.


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The CISM Board of Directors bestowed this honor in recognition of their unwavering commitment to the ideals and objectives of CISM, as well as their remarkable contributions to the advancement of sports within the Armed Forces.


In addition to this prestigious recognition, the 54th WMC Shooting, hosted at the Military Shooting Sports Center (CMTE), Rio de Janeiro, continues to captivate audiences with thrilling team competitions.


The Championship witnessed an exhilarating 4th day of team competitions, showcasing remarkable competitiveness and emphasizing that attention to detail makes all the difference when aiming for the top spot on the podium.


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50 meters 3-Position Rifle Women:


In the fiercely contested Women’s 3-Position Rifle competition, teams exhibited exceptional accuracy. The Swiss team clinched the gold medal with an astounding performance, hitting 84 shots on target and amassing a total of 1750 points. The Austrian team secured silver with 1749 points and 70 shots on the center of the target, while France claimed the bronze, scoring 62 shots at the center of the target and a total of 1725 points.


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300 meters Rapid Fire Rifle Men:


The Austrian team showcased a brilliant performance in the Rapid Fire Rifle category, earning them the gold medal with precise shots, impressive speed, and a total score of 1711 points, including 41 shots on the center of the target. The Turkish team claimed silver with 1660 points and 32 shots on target, while the Swiss team secured bronze with 1653 points and 33 shots on target.


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25 meters Rapid Fire Men:


The Men’s 25-meter Rapid Fire competition unfolded as an intense battle, with the Chinese team displaying exceptional skills and clinching the gold medal. They scored 1723 points and hit 45 shots at the center of the target. The French team closely followed, earning the silver medal with 1722 points and 51 shots on target. The Russian Federation team secured the bronze medal with 1709 points and 53 shots on target.


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25 meters Rapid Fire Women:


In the Women’s Rapid Shooting category at 25 meters, the Chinese team dominated the scene, earning gold with incredibly accurate shots, an impressive 43 shots in the center of the target, and a total of 1725 points. The Russian Federation team secured silver with 1707 points and 40 shots on the center of the target. Rounding out the podium, the French team showcased their talent, taking home the bronze after scoring 1697 points and hitting 38 shots at the center of the target.


The 54th WMC Shooting continues to astound with the exceptional skill and excellence of these elite military athletes. Congratulations are extended to all the participating teams for their remarkable performances, showcasing their countries with immense pride at this prestigious sporting event.



(Source: Brazilian Delegation to CISM)