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54th WMC Shooting – Rio de Janeiro (BRA) – Day 2


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RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA) – Following a spectacular Opening Ceremony, the 54th WMC Shooting competitions commenced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In a display of extraordinary precision and skill, the Standard 300 Meter Rifle team competition witnessed Austria's triumphant rise to the top. The Austrian team showcased unmatched marksmanship, securing the gold medal and solidifying their status as world-class shooters.


Austria's performance in the Standard 300 Meter Rifle category was nothing short of exceptional. With surgical precision and unwavering focus, they clinched the gold medal, reaffirming their reputation as some of the finest shooters on the global stage.


The equally impressive Swiss team claimed the silver medal in a closely contested battle. Their exceptional shooting skills highlighted their place among the elite competitors in this demanding discipline.


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Brazil also made a significant impact, earning the bronze medal and establishing a prominent presence in the international military shooting arena. The Brazilian team's determination and skill not only secured their spot on the podium but also shattered the national record in the same event, marking a historic achievement for their country.


In the 25m Women’s Pistol Competition, France emerged as the dominant force in the world of military shooting sports. Team France delivered an exceptional performance, showcasing their precision and unwavering focus. Their journey to first place was marked by control and composure even in the face of intense pressure.


The highly proficient Chinese team, not to be outdone, secured the silver medal with an impressive display of skill. The battle for second place was fierce, but China held their ground admirably until the very end.


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The Russian team exhibited both skill and determination in a tightly contested competition against other top-tier nations to secure the bonze medial.


This 54th WMC Shooting also bore witness to the incredible precision and skill of shooters in the thrilling Men's 25m Centerfire competition. Turkey emerged as the standout team, securing the gold medal with distinction, while China and Russia showcased their prowess by securing second and third place, respectively.


The Turkish shooting team left an indelible mark on the event by clinching the first-place position in the Men's 25m Centerfire competition. Their accurate shots and unwavering focus demonstrated why they are considered among the world's best in this category.


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China, not to be outdone, secured the silver medal, showcasing remarkable shooting skills. The competition for second place was intense, with Chinese shooters displaying impressive resilience and accuracy, while Russia claimed the bronze medal as their team exhibited skill and competence while competing against a field of high-level athletes.


In the challenging Women's 50m Prone Rifle event, the Swiss team delivered a remarkable performance that earned them the top spot. Austria and Russia also shone, securing second and third places, respectively.


The Swiss shooting team demonstrated exceptional skill in the Women's 50m Prone Rifle event, clinching the gold medal with surgical precision. Their performance stood out in a field of high-level competitors, cementing their reputation as a formidable team in this discipline.


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Austria, not far behind, secured the silver medal, showcasing remarkable skills and determination. The competition for second place was intense, with the Austrian shooters displaying great resilience under pressure. Russia also secured the bronze medal in this event with an impressive performance.



(Source: Brazilian Delegation to CISM)