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11th WMC Lifesaving - Amsterdam (NED) - Day 2




AMSTERDAM (NED) - The second day of the 11th World Military Lifesaving Championship took place once again in an exceptional atmosphere and saw our military athletes perform at an extremely elevated level with, in passing, two new CISM world records, proof that the Dutch hosts made sure that the athletes were welcomed in the best possible conditions!




The French Margaux Fabre took advantage of the first final of the day, the Women's 200m Super Lifesaver, to win the world military title ahead of her compatriot Manon Marco after a final that was mastered from start to finish. The Polish Paula Zukowska, already silver medalist the day before, must be satisfied this time with the bronze medal.


After winning the silver medal the day before, the Polish Adam Dubiel realized an exceptional performance by winning the Men's 200m Super Lifesaver and established a new world record of the discipline. He is ahead of the two Frenchmen Kevin Lasserre and Jeremie Lahet.




The French Margaux Fabre had the luxury of winning a second gold medal thanks to the victory of the French team composed of Melanie Chaton, Léa Royer, and Manon Marco on the Women's 4x25m Manikin relay in front of Brazil and Poland. In the men's event, Poland won the grail thanks to the superb performances of Wojciech Kotowski, Cezary Kepa, Adam Dubiel (again!) and Hubert Nakielski in front of Brazil and Spain, silver, and bronze medalists.




After a first day punctuated by two silver and one bronze medal, the Brazilian Thais Xavier realized her dream by becoming World Military Champion in the Women's 100m Manikin Carry with Fins with almost a second ahead of her runner-up, the Polish Alicja Tchorz, while Lola Montagut (FRA) finished third.




Iran won its first gold medal of the championship through Beshad Ali Zadeh who won the Men's 100m Manikin Carry with Fins title ahead of Poland's Mateusz Szurmeij and Spain's Igor Del Rio.


A new world record was set by the Brazilian team composed of Priscila Souza, Thais Xavier, Carolina Athayde and Alessandra Marchioro in the Women's 4x50m Medley Relay competition which won ahead of Poland and France. In the men's relay, the Brazilian men's team, composed of Victor Alcara, Guilerme Rosolen, Miguel Valente and Pedro Vieira, was the strongest, beating France and Italy.




It was then the turn of the French Margaux Fabre, who was in great form yesterday, to take the top step of the podium in the Women's 100m Rescue Medley for a third well-deserved title ahead of Alicja Tchorz, who won silver again, and her compatriot Manon Marco. The Pole Adam Dubiel imitated Margaux Fabre by also winning his third title of the day in the Men's 100m Rescue Relay at the end of a suspenseful race which saw the Pole emerge with only thirty-four hundredths of a second ahead of Guilerme Rosolen (BRA) and seventy hundredths ahead of Wojciech Kotowski (POL).




In the last competition of the day, the French Kevin Lasserre, Jeremie Lahet, Lola Montagut allowed Margaux Fabre to achieve the quadruple by taking the first place of the Mixed 4x50m Pool Lifesaving Relay in front of Poland and Brazil!


It was a wonderful day of competition and now it is time for a well-deserved rest and training day for our athletes who will start the sea competitions on Saturday!



Highlights of the Competition Day 2:




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(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department / Pictures: Dutch Delegation to CISM)