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11th WMC Lifesaving - Amsterdam (NED) - Day 3 & 4




AMSTERDAM (NED) - The last two days of the 11th World Military Lifesaving Championship took place in Amsterdam with a condensed program of Ocean Events.


Day 4   4


The first day of competition started with a new victory of the French Margaux Fabre in the women's Run Swim Run competition. Fabre finished ahead of her compatriot Manon Marco and the Brazilian Thamy Ventorin. There was even a French double with the victory of Kevin Lasserre in the men's competition who beat the Italian Nicola Roberto and the Spaniard David Ibanez.


The French delegation was again a double winner in the Surf Ski Race competition. Oiana Trillo won the women's competition, followed closely by her compatriot Manon Marco, who won silver, while the Spaniard Maria Luengas finished third. In the men's competition, Jérémie Lahet was the strongest, ahead of another Frenchman, Santxo Etcheverry, and the Swiss Cyril Senften.


Day 4   1


The Women and Men Rescue Tube Rescue was also dominated by a French team in great shape during this championship. The women's gold medal went to Lola Montagut, Melanie Chaton, Margaux Fabre, and Manon Marco, while Italy and Canada won silver and bronze, respectively. In the men's category, Jeremie Lahet, Pierre Ducassou, Kevin Lasserre and Julien Cabanie became world military champions ahead of Italy and Switzerland.


The French Margaux Fabre and Oiana Trillo won a splendid gold medal in Women Board Rescue after having taken the best on Spain and Italy while their compatriots Jeremie Lahet and Santxo Etcheverry did the same in the men competition and finished in front of Switzerland and Italy.


Day 4   5


The French domination on this first day of championship was interrupted thanks to the victory of the Brazilian Tatiana Souza in Women 90m Beach Sprint in front of Lola Montagut (FRA) and Lea Royer (FRA). In the men's competition, the Polish Wojciech Kotowski became the world military champion ahead of the Swiss Jonas Abgottspon and the Italian Lorenzo Barile.


The first day of competition ended with two new French victories in the women's and men's 4x90m Beach Sprint relays. A new gold medal was awarded to Lea Royer, Lola Montagut, Oiana Trillo and Manon Marco for the French girls while Alex Baroni, Jeremie Lahet, Santxo Etcheverry and Julien Cabanie won for the men!


Day 4   3


The second and last day of competition on the sea was also going to be to the clear advantage of the French team.


Indeed, the two Frenchwomen Oiana Trillo and Margaux Fabre won respectively the gold and silver medals in the Women Board Race competition in front of the Italian Valeria Filippini while Santxo Etcheverry (FRA) did the same in the men's competition that he won in front of Jeremie Lahet (FRA) and Cyril Senften (SUI).


Day 5   1


New French victory in the Women's Beach Flag competition with the gold medal of Lea Royer ahead of Tatiana Souza (BRA) and Lola Montagut (FRA). In the men's competition, the Polish Wojciech Kotowski was the strongest and took the gold. The Italian Lorenzo Barile took silver while the French Pierre Ducassou finished on the third step of the podium.


Frenchwoman Oiana Trillo won her second gold medal of the day with a victory in the Women Ocean Man/Woman event ahead of Margaux Fabre (FRA) and Maria Luengas (ESP). In the men's race, Jeremie Lahet (FRA) won the race while Santxo Etcheverry (FRA) and Cyril Senften (SUI) finished second and third.


Day 5   2


France won two new gold medals thanks to the triumphs of its relays in Women Ocean Man / Woman Relay (Margaux Fabre, Manon Marco, Oiana Trillo and Lea Royer) and in Men Ocean Man / Woman Relay (Kevin Lasserre, Julien Cavanie, Jeremie Lahet and Santxo Etcheverry.

In the Women 2000m Beach Run, the Spanish Nazaret Guerrero was the fastest and beat the local athlete Denise De Vries (NED), silver medalist, and Beatrice Siboni (ITA), bronze medalist. Poland's Krzystof Terlecki won the men's competition ahead of Kevin Lasserre (FRA) and Guillermo Peliz (ESP).


Day 5   5

The last competition of the day was also to the advantage of the French team which offered itself a last title with the victory of Lola Montagut, Margaux Fabre, Jeremie Lahet and Santxo Etcheverry in Mixed Ocean Lifesaver Relay in front of Brazil and Spain.

We were able to attend a very high-level competition with some CISM world records and the organizers had done everything possible to welcome our military athletes in ideal conditions.


DAY 5  7

The Closing Ceremony took place after the competitions in presence of the Official CISM Representative of the event and BoD Member, Colonel Leonardo Oliveira; the Commander of the support division Defence Forces of the Netherlands, Lieutenant-General Verbeek; the PCSC Lifesaving, Navy Commander Georgios Margiolakis; the Chiefs of Mission of the participating Nations as well as high local and international authorities.

The Official CISM Representative of the event and BoD Member, Colonel Leonardo Oliveira, took the floor to thank the Dutch organizers as well as the participants of the WMC for their enthusiasm and their performances.


Day 5   4

Thank you, the Netherlands, and see you in 2023 for the 52nd WMC Swimming (Open Water) that will take place in Santoña, Spain.




Highlights of the Competition Day 3:






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(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department / Pictures: Dutch Delegation to CISM)