49th WMC Swimming – Rio de Janeiro (BRA) - Update – Competition Day 3 & 4





RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA) – The last two days of competition of the 49th WMC Swimming were held on December 14 and 15 in the Olympic Swimming Pool of the Aeronautics Sports Commission (CDA) in Rio de Janeiro. Several CISM World Records were broken and the spectators attended a real demonstration of the Brazilian Delegation with 12 gold medals!



The following CISM World Records were broken: Private Kapcer Majchrzlk (POL) - 200m Freestyle Male (1:47.18); Sergeant Henrique De Souza Martins (BRA) - 50m Butterfly Male (23.09); Sergeant Etiene Pires Medeiros (BRA) - 100m Backstroke Female (1:00.71); Sergeant Manuella Lyrio, Sergeant Daiene Marçal Dias, Graciele Herrmann and Larissa Martins Oliviera (BRA) - 4 x 100m Freestyle Female Relay (3:42:37); Sergeant Gabriel Silva Santos, Sergeant Henrique De Souza Martins, Sergeant Luiz Altamir Lopes Melo and Sergeant Pedro Henrique Silva Spajari (BRA) - 4 x 100m Freestyle Male (3:16:52); Sergeant Pedro Henrique Silva Spajari (BRA) - 100m Freestyle Male (48.25); Private David Aubry (FRA) - 400m Freestyle Male (3:49.76); Private Jérémy Desplanches (SUI) - 400m Medley Male (4:14.49); Sergeant Fabio Arikawa Santi, Sergeant João Luiz Gomes Junior, Sergeant Henrique de Souza Martins and Sergeant Gabriel Silva Santos (BRA) - 4 x 100m Medley (3:35:16); Sergeant Lisa Graf (GER) - 200m Backstroke Female (2:12.51). Sergeant Etiene Pires de Medeiros, Sergeant Jheniffer Alves Conceição, Sergeant Daiene Marçal Dias and Larissa Martins Oliveira (BRA) - 4 x 100m Medley Female (4:02:60).



On December 14, Manuella Lyrio, from Brazil, grabbed the first gold medal in the 200m Freestyle women event ahead of Viktoriia Andreeva (RUS) and her teammate Larissa Martins Oliveira. In the 200m Freestyle Male event, Kacper Majchrzak (POL) became the new military world champion as he defeated the local swimmer Luiz Altamir Lopes Melo and Nils Liess (SUI).

Svetlana Chimrova (RUS) was in a good shape during this WMC as she won a third gold medal with the title in the 50m Butterfly event while Anna Dowgiert (POL) and Daiene Marçal Dias (BRA) took silver and bronze. After winning the 100m Butterfly Male event on December 13, Henrique De Souza Martins (BRA) grabbed another gold medal for the host country in the 50m Butterfly Male event ahead of Viacheslav Prudnikov (RUS) and Michal Poprawa (POL).



Despite the fierce Brazilian competition, Russia managed to win the 100m Breaststroke Male and Female events with the title of Maria Temnikova and Anton Chupkov.

With the title in 100m Backstroke Female, Etiene Pires Medeiros (BRA) added a third gold medal to her collection while Tomasz Polewka grabbed a second gold medal in the 100m Backstroke Male race!

The last three gold medals of the third day of competition were awarded to the host country with a gold medal for Gabrielle Gonçalves Roncatto in the 800m Freestyle Women and two titles for the 4x100 Freestyle Male (Gabriel Silva Santos, Henrique de Souza Martins, Luiz Altamir Lopes Melo, Pedro Henrique Silva Spajari) and Female (Manuella Lyrio, Daiene Marçal Dias, Graciele Herrmann and Larissa Martins Oliveira) Relays.



For the last day of competition, Brazil achieved another demonstration with six gold medals and four silver medals! Congratulations to the new Military World Champion Larissa Martins Oliveira (100m Freestyle Female), Pedro Henrique Silva Spajari (100m Freestyle Male), Leonardo de Deus (200m Backstroke Male), Gabrielle Gonçalves Roncatto (400m Freestyle Female), Etiene Pires Medeiros, Jhennifer Alves Conceicao, Daiene Marçal Dias, Larissa Martins Oliveira (4x100m Relay Medley Female), and Fabio Arikawa Santi, Joao Luiz Gomes Junior, Henrique De Souza Martins and Gabriel Silva Santos (4x100m Relay Medley Male).



Finally, Jeremy Desplanches from Switzerland won his second title of the Championship with the gold medal in the 400m Medley Male, Lisa Graf (GER) was the fastest in the 200m Backstroke Female events while David Aubry gave to France its first title of the WMC as he won the 400m Freestyle Male competition!



The Closing Ceremony took place on December 16 and was attended by the following high authorities: the Colonel (Rtd) Water Van Velthoven, Official CISM Representative, Treasurer General and Member of the Bod, Lieutenant-Colonel Heiko Wömpener, PCSC Swimming, Air Force General Ricardo Machado, Secretary of Staff, Health and Sports of the Ministry of Defense, Vice Admiral Marine Paulo Martino Zuccaro, President of the Brazilian Sports Commission, Vice Admiral Roberto Godim Carneiro Da Cunha, Chief of Staff of Navy Operations Command, Lieutenant General José Isaías Augusto de Carvalho Neto, Commandant of the Brazilian Air Force University, Major General José Jorge De Medeiros Garcia, President of the Brazilian Air Force Sports Commission.



At the end of the Opening Ceremony, Colonel Walter Van Velthoven proceeded to the handover of the CISM Flag to the Russian Delegation, as the city of Samara will host the 50th WMC Swimming from 16 to 22 August 2018!



For more information about the 49th WMC Swimming, check the OC Official Website.



All the pictures are available on the CISM Flickr Account.


(Source: OC Website)

(Pictures: Eddy Kellens, CISM Photographer)