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52nd WMC Swimming (Open Water) – Málaga (ESP) – Day 1


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Top swimmers dive into action at the 52nd WMC Swimming (Open Water) in Málaga


MÁLAGA (ESP) – After an magnificent Opening Ceremony held yesterday, the 52nd World Military Swimming Championship (Open Water) event kicked off yesterday in Málaga, Spain with the 5000-meter race. The competition showcased remarkable talent and determination among the world's top open water swimmers. Participants from across the globe gathered to vie for the prestigious titles in both the Women's and Men's 5000m races.

The technical aspect of the race featured an exciting and challenging course layout. Swimmers commenced the race with an approximate 100m link to reach the rectangular circuit. Within this circuit, they completed a grueling total of 4 laps, each spanning approximately 1200 meters. Swimmers were required to keep the main buoys on their left-hand side throughout the race. After the completion of the fourth lap, a buoy was turned to the right, leading the swimmers through another 100m link before they reached the finish line located on land.


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In the Women's 5000m race, the following athletes demonstrated their extraordinary skills and determination:


  1. Océane Cassignol (FRA) - 58 minutes and 31.9 seconds
  2. Caroline Jouisse (FRA) - 58 minutes and 35.2 seconds
  3. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) - 58 minutes and 35.5 seconds
  4. Arianna Brindi (ITA) - 58 minutes and 36.6 seconds
  5. Giulia Berton (ITA) - 58 minutes and 38.3 seconds


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The Men's 5000m race witnessed intense competition, with the following swimmers taking the top positions:


  1. Marc Antoine Olivier (FRA) - 53 minutes and 15.1 seconds
  2. Dario Verani (ITA) - 53 minutes and 17.7 seconds
  3. Audry David (FRA) - 53 minutes and 21.6 seconds
  4. Andrea Filadelli (ITA) - 53 minutes and 21.7 seconds
  5. Bruce Hamson Cruz de Almeida (BRA) - 54 minutes and 44.6 seconds


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These incredible athletes have displayed their exceptional endurance, technique, and competitive spirit, making this year's 52nd WMC Swimming Open Water event a remarkable success.

The championship will continue with the relay, which includes para-athletes, today, promising more thrilling moments for both athletes and spectators alike. The organizers extend their gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters for making this event possible.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)