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Exciting finale at the 27th WMC Taekwondo in Mungyeong


Invitation File, 27th CISM Taekwondo Championship 2024


MUNGYEONG (KOR) - The 27th World Military Championships (WMC) Taekwondo culminated yesterday, June 5, in a thrilling conclusion at the KAFAC Facilities in Mungyeong, Korea. Athletes from around the globe showcased their exceptional skills, determination, and sportsmanship on the final day of competition, leaving spectators in awe.


In the Women's -67kg category, Vanessa Maria Korndl from Germany claimed the gold medal with a remarkable performance. Nuray Khusainova from Kazakhstan secured the silver, while the bronze medals were awarded to Ozoda Sobirjonova of Uzbekistan and Linda Cecchi of Italy.


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Gulsanam Alijonova from Uzbekistan emerged victorious in the Women's -73kg category, taking home the gold medal. Nazym Makhmutova of Kazakhstan earned the silver medal, and Bintou Diakite from France clinched the bronze.


Aleksandra Kowalczuk of Poland dominated the Women's +73kg category, winning the gold medal. Svetlana Osipova from Uzbekistan received the silver, and Ouassou Mouna from France secured the bronze medal.


Shukhrat Salaev from Uzbekistan triumphed in the Men's -87kg category, capturing the gold medal. Amir Mohammad Ashrafi of Iran won the silver, with bronze medals going to Ismael Bouzid from France and Jordan Stewart from Canada.



In the Men's +87kg category, Nikta Rafalovich of Uzbekistan took home the gold medal. Salar Rahmati Moghaddam from Iran earned the silver, while the bronze medals were awarded to Son Sang Won from the Republic of Korea and Omar El Yazidi from France.


Rewatch the thrilling final day of competition here: 



The event concluded with a resounding success, thanks to the impeccable organization and high-level facilities provided by the Korean Delegation to CISM. The athletes' performances were nothing short of extraordinary, reflecting months of rigorous training and unwavering dedication.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Korean Delegation for hosting this magnificent event. Their commitment to excellence ensured a memorable experience for all participants and spectators. The world-class facilities at KAFAC played a crucial role in the smooth execution of the championships, further highlighting Korea's capacity to host international sporting events.


Congratulations to all the athletes for their outstanding performances and to everyone involved in making the 27th WMC Taekwondo Championships a resounding success.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)