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Thrilling second day of the 27th WMC Taekwondo at KAFAC Facilities


Invitation File, 27th CISM Taekwondo Championship 2024


MUNGYEONG (KOR) - The 27th World Military Taekwondo Championship continued with fervor on June 2nd at the KAFAC Facilities in Mungyeong, drawing athletes from around the globe to compete in a series of intense and highly skilled matches. The second day of the competition was marked by remarkable performances and unexpected turns, showcasing the true spirit of martial arts and sportsmanship.


In the men's -68kg category, Uzbekistan's Ulugbek Rashitov clinched the gold medal, demonstrating superior technique and agility. Theo Lucien of France earned the silver, while Mouad Fikry from Morocco and Italy's Gabriele Caulo both secured bronze medals, highlighting the diverse talent present at the competition.


The men's -74kg division saw Amir Hossein Beizaei from Iran take the top podium spot, displaying outstanding power and precision. Noh Min Woo from the Republic of Korea claimed the silver medal, much to the delight of the local supporters. The bronze medals went to Lyvestone Celin of France and Badreddine Germiti from Tunisia, both of whom showed great resilience and skill throughout their matches.


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Uzbekistan continued its winning streak in the men's -80kg category, with Jasubek Jaysunov triumphing over his competitors to take home the gold medal. Amir Reza Sadeghiyan from Iran earned the silver medal, while Lee Seung Gu of the Republic of Korea fought valiantly to secure the bronze, adding to the host nation's medal tally.


In the women's events, the -57kg category witnessed Kazakhstan's Mariya Sevostyanova emerging victorious with a well-deserved gold medal. Madina Mirabzalova from Uzbekistan showcased her impressive skills to win the silver medal. Canada's Megan Brewster took home the bronze, marking a significant achievement for her nation.


The women's -62kg category was fiercely contested, with Feruza Sadikova from Uzbekistan winning the gold medal through her excellent performance. Cristina Gaspa of Italy secured the silver medal, demonstrating tactical prowess. The bronze medals were awarded to Almira Kanat from Kazakhstan and Doucet Guei Teeyah from France, both of whom exhibited great determination and skill.



The second day of the 27th WMC Taekwondo was a testament to the high level of competition and camaraderie among the athletes. As the championship progresses, spectators eagerly anticipate more exhilarating matches and exceptional displays of martial arts mastery.


Tune in today to watch the action live of the last day of the 27th WMC Taekwondo on the Youtube Channel of the Local Organizing Committee:



(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)