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The Military Running Challenge hopes to become a perennial event !

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MAFRA / TORRES VEDRAS (POR) - Within the framework of the organization of the 1st Military Running Challenge 2023, we met Colonel José Manuel Pires Contramestre (JMPC), Chief of the Portuguese Delegation to CISM. He gave us his impressions about the organization of this event and its future within CISM.


CISM: Can you explain us how the 1st Military Running Challenge 2023 was born and what is its main objective?


JMPC: "The event was born thanks to a protocol signed between the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces General Staff, the Association of the Disabled of the Armed Forces (ADFA) and the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres. Its main objective is to promote, through a trail race, the route used as a defense line of Lisbon during the Napoleonic invasions in the early 19th century. In addition, the financial proceeds of the event will be donated to the ADFA which makes it a solidarity event."


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CISM: Can you tell us about the different competitions offered in this event?


JMPC: "There are three competitions offered simultaneously. First, there is the 1st Military Running Challenge, which includes missions from France, Kenya, Portugal and Romania. Then there is the Military Running Challenge - National Track Competition, which is a national military sports competition between the Navy, Army, Air Force, Republican National Guard and Public Security Police. Finally, there is the Lines of Torres Running Challenge, which is a competition open to civil society. The route offered to participants starts from the Tagus and ends near the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 100 km long and is located about 40 km north of Lisbon. Within the framework of the Military Running Challenge, the proposed distances are the 42 km marathon and the 100 km ultra-marathon."


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CISM: What are your plans for the future of this event?


JMPC: "With the support of CISM and the Portuguese Army, we want to promote this event as the World Military Trail Championship. We have all the necessary conditions to carry out this world championship in a unique landscape, in contact with nature, joining the military history and solidarity with disabled soldiers. By respecting the CISM motto "friendship thought sport", we hope to make this event a long-term success."


(Source: CISM General Secretariat)