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23rd WMC Triathlon - Águilas (ESP) - Day 1


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ÁGUILAS (ESP) - After the arrival of the teams, the recognition of the course and the preliminary and pre-race meetings, the Opening Ceremony of the World Military Triathlon Championship, held in Águilas, Spain from June 7 to 11, took place in the evening of June 8, 2022.



The Opening Ceremony was attended by Colonel Rodrigo Verônimo Lameira, Official CISM Representative for this event and member of the CISM Board of Directors; Colonel José Carlos Garcia Verdugo Sanchez, Chief of the Spanish Delegation to CISM and BoD Member; Ms. Maria del Carmen Moreno, Mayor of Águilas, Spain; Lieutenant Colonel Victor Lopez Antolin, PCSC Triathlon; Major Rodrigo Fontenla Cerezuela, President of the Local Organizing Committee; First Lieutenant Rebeca Garcia Dominguez, Coordinator of the Women in CISM Working Group; the Chiefss of Mission of the participating nations as well as high ranking local and international authorities.




Colonel Rodrigo Verônimo Lameira, Official CISM Representative for this event and member of the CISM Board of Directors, welcomed the participants with these words : « At the moment, we count around 300 soldiers, athletes and coaches, from 20 nations and 3 continents, who will take part in this sport event, showing the remarkable spirit of friendship and solidarity which connects all CISM member Nations. All efforts done by the members of Spanish Organizing Committee and Spanish Delegation to CISM are recognized by CISM, which knows how challenging is to organize and implement this event.”



He also added: “I also would like to address, my warmest greetings to the Spanish Triathlon Federation, officials, referees and coaches. With your constant and silent commitment, you contribute to manage our activities and to raise the level of our organization. Athletes! You are the essence of four organization and the heart of our sport’s mission. Enjoy yourselves, compete with loyalty, fair-play and friendship.”



Now it's time for the competitions with the men's and women's competitions scheduled for Thursday, June 9, while the para-triathlon competition and the relay will take place on June 10!
The competitions will be broadcasted in livestreaming by the Spanish Triathlon Federation:




(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)