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5th CISM Military World Summer Games - Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 2011


A Huge Popular Party

The 5th edition of the Military World Games was held in Rio de Janeiro on 16-24 July 2011. Almost 7,000 Athletes from roughly a hundred different countries came to compete in 23 sports under the CISM motto: Friendship through Sport. For this event, first class sports facilities were provided for the military athletes, i.e. those facilities that will also accommodate the Olympics and the Football World Cup in the future, including Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium, the shooting range that had already welcomed the latest world military shooting championship, the swimming pool and also Maracanãzinho volleyball hall.


The Opening Ceremony was held in an Olympic stadium that was packed to the rafters on the day and animated by indescribable popular ardor as an entire people dressed in yellow and green danced to the rhythm of the samba as they waited for the festivities to start in the presence of many civilian and military personalities including Brazilian President Dilma Roussef and CISM President Colonel Hamad Kalkaba-Malboum. The lights went out and night had fallen to welcome on the field a variety of military bands playing to different lighting effects. At the end of the final countdown, the flag detail entered to hoist the flags of Brazil and the Olympic Committee on the masts installed for that purpose in front of the flame. The Ceremony could proceed with the delegations entering the field.

Marching behind their respective flags and name boards, they all saluted the authorities and the audience in genuine communion. A world map was projected on the field, which the athletes walked around as they marched past. A magnificent sound and light show followed, with scenes represented by thousands of volunteers: the party was in full swing. Before the Brazilian and CISM Presidents officially opened these 5th Military World Games, the CISM flag entered the stadium and was hoisted.


An athlete and a referee swore the oath of behalf of all the athletes and officials before the long-awaited moment of the lighting of the cauldron. One particular secret had been well kept: the name of the final bearer who would light it. The light was shone on him at the very last instant: it was the greatest football player ever, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé. The spectators and the athletes could not believe their eyes and a gigantic clamor rose in the stadium as he climbed the steps and lit the cauldron. As always in Brazil, it all ended with music to the rhythm of samba, in a great final concert. On to the sports show then!

For a week, the 7,000 athletes gave their very best in 23 disciplines. One look at performances was enough to see that the highest level was achieved and that many new CISM records were set.As for the Closing Ceremony, it was designed as a great popular party and it reached that goal and much more. No more ceremony, no more official parade, no more uniforms, flags or country nametags.

All athletes wore tracksuits and they were all mixed for one purpose: to party and allow the public to thank them for their performances. They all entered the stadium with a camera or camcorder to memorialize this unforgettable event. Much more than just a term or a fleeting moment, Friendship through Sport as the CISM proposition since 1948 became reality. President Kalkaba then declared these Games officially closed and the CISM flag was lowered. The Brazilian Delegation passed it on to the South Korean hosts of the 6th edition scheduled in Mungyeong in 2015. The show lasted well into the night as the stadium turned into a huge dance floor on which all athletes had a good time. Thank you Rio, see you in South Korea in four years.


Medals of the Peace Games resemble map of Brazil

Written by João Henrique Amaral

Wednesday, 01 June 2011

The awarding medals of the 5th Military World Games Rio 2011 were officially presented at the Poupex Theater in Brasilia. Created by the artist Luiz Henrique Peixoto Ferreira, developed and minted by the Mint of Brazil, the medals have a unique shape, which resembles to the map of Brazil.

On the obverse, they have the symbol of the International Military Sports

Council (CISM), and on reverse, the Rio 2011 mark - 5th Military World Games CISM - with mention of the sport played on the top bar, colored in the national grading colors . The 5th Military World Games will distribute 459 gold medals, 459 silver and 503 bronze ones.



The Chief of Staff of the Presidency Institutional Security Office, General of the Army Jose Elito Carvalho Siqueira and the commanders of three forces: Fleet Admiral Julio Soares de Moura Neto (Navy), General of the Army Enzo Martins Peri (Army) and Lieutenant Brigadier Juniti Saito (Air Force), attended the event, which also had the president of Brazil's Military Sports Committee, Vice-Admiral Bernardo José Pierantoni Gamboa, General Coordinator of the Operational planning Committee of the 5th MWG and Brigadier General Jamil Megid Junior.

Among other authorities, attended the event the Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces, General of the Army Jose Carlos de Nardi, Secretary of Personnel, Education, Health and Sports, Fleet Admiral Julio Saboya de Araujo, the president of the Army Housing Foundation and POUPEX, General of the Army Eron Carlos Marques and the Superintendent of the Socio-Cultural Responsibility Department in Brazil Mint, Ms Gloria Dias.

"I thought it was fantastic. Everything was a real score. The design of the medal is very beautiful, charming", said Vice Admiral Bernardo Pierantoni Gamboa, president of Brazil's Military Sports Committee.

"The artist has reached the goal. The outline of the image also resembles the waves of Rio de Janeiro", said the General Coordinator l of the Operational Planning Committee, General Jamil Megid Junior.

Commemorative Medals and Theme Song of the Games are also presented

To mark the Brazilian edition of the Games, commemorative medals were also developed, produced in limited quantities, which have the traditional round shape, with texture that highlights the original outline of the awarding medal, by contrast.

At the end of the event the Theme Song of the Rio 2011 Games was played. Sgt Ricardo Cesar Ferreira, from the Military Police Music Society in Rio de Janeiro, inspired by the Olympic motto "The fastest, the highest, the strongest" and the logo of the Games, where the Peace Dove symbolizes the highest flight seeking new records, to compose the theme.

"The theme combines characteristics of major sporting events with military marches. But with the sound of a symphony orchestra, the hearer gets very emotional, "concluded General Jamil Megid Junior.

The Symphonic Band of the Presidential Guard Battalion, under the baton of Captain Musician Paulo Cesar Pedroso de Campos, from Duque de Caxias Battalion, led the Theme. Guest musicians of the Navy and Air Force, the guard of Brasilia, the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro and the Fire Department of the State of Goiás, also attended the presentation.


In ten days, 884 people have volunteered to work in the Peace Games

Registration for the volunteer work in the 5th CISM Military World Games have begun on the official website (www.rio2011.mil.br) on March 4 and has already registered 884 people. The Operational Planning Committee (CPO) of the Rio 2011 Games estimates that the work force during the event will be approximately 10 000 people.

According to the Planning Committee, 70% of these volunteers are coming from the Military Organizations (OM) and 30% shared among Higher Education Institutions (IES), from Rondon Sports Project, and voluntary military and civilian people.

So far, the Rondon Sports Project has registered 19 IES that originated 14 teams - with 257 registered members, 14 teachers and 243 students. The university students have the opportunity to work in their respective areas of training. They are: Press and Marketing (communication and advertising), People Management, Logistics, Sports Information, Health (nursing, physiotherapy and medicine), Reception, Information Technology, Competition, Food (nutrition), Translation (languages) and Veterinary Medicine.

Registration to become a volunteer of the 5th Military World Games end on April 30. Considered the largest military sports event, the Games Rio 2011 will bring together approximately 6,000 athletes from 110 countries and will take place on July 16-24 in Rio de Janeiro.


Medals of the Peace Games will be presented on Victory Day

Designed and minted by the Mint of Brazil, the 1421 medals competition that will be distributed in the 5th Military World Games Rio 2011 will be released on the May 8th, Victory Day, at WW II Memorial Monument, in Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro. The top secret design of the medals is kept by the Operational Planning Committee (CPO) of the Peace Games.

However, the coordinator of Communication and Marketing, Colonel Roberto Itamar, gave some information about the object of desire of the 6000 athletes taking part in the biggest sporting event in the world's military in July.


"The medals are not round. They will have an innovative and modern design, inspired in a different format in the representation of Brazil as host country", said Col. Itamar. "I think it will be another milestone of the Peace Games".

The 5th Military World Games will distribute 459 gold medals, 459 silver and 503 bronze ones. Commemorative medals inspired in the same design of the medals in that competition, which will be delivered to all athletes participating in the Peace Games, will also be released on May 8.

The Victory Day marks the end of World War II in Europe, when the German army surrendered. The World War II Memorial Monument, popularly known as Pracinhas Monument was built to honor the nearly 2,000 Brazilian soldiers killed in the conflict.


Sports will have test competitions to improve the organization of the events

Extract from www.rio2011.mil.br  

The 1st International Naval Pentathlon Tournament opened a series of competitions that will be used as tests by the Operational Planning Committee of the 5th Military World Games to improve the work of the officials who will attend the event. The competitions will take place on July 16-24 in Rio de Janeiro.

Besides the Naval Pentathlon, the Orienteering will have an operational training for referees (60 people among civilians and military) on April 4-8, in Paty do Alferes, a city located in the south of Rio de Janeiro, 119 km from the capital, at Mario Xavier National Forest (FLONA) in Seropedica, same locations that will receive the competitions of the sport in the Rio 2011 Games.

 The Aeronautical Pentathlon will have an internal competition in the Air Force Academy (AFA) in Pirassununga, SP, on April 29th and May 6th, which will work as preparation. The Military Pentathlon, however, will have a selection in order to define the Brazilian team from June 27th June to July 1st, which will be a final test for the referees of the sport (70 CPOR-RJ students and 27 military personnel from various Army Military organizations).

Among the Olympic sports, the only one that will have a test competition for the Brazilian referees who will be assigned to the 5th Military World Games is the Modern Pentathlon. The event chosen was the South American Championship, June 2-5, in Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro. A total of 148 soldiers will work in the arbitration of the competition, 85 students of the CPO-RJ, 35 soldiers of the Army Equitation School and 28 other soldiers from the Army Military Organizations.


Italy confirmed flight support to Rio


30-35 seats in military plane

General Rinaldo Sestilli, Chief of the Italian Delegation to CISM and Sport Manager of Defence General Staff, confirmed that Italy is offering 30 to 35 seats in the Italian Air Force B767 to the transport of athletes to the 5th CISM Military World Games in a round trip from Rome to Rio on 13 and 26 of July. 

Now, besides the African countries which are going to be supported by Brazilian Delegation with 280 seats, CISM has condition to offer free flight to some other nations listed in the travel plan thanks to the effort from many military sports lovers as the Brazilians and the Italians.

With this initiative from Italy, the CISM HQ expects that other nations would be able to join this huge effort and also offer seats or give financial support to run the Travel Plan.

Further information about the selected countries to go to Rio together the with Italian Delegation as well as more details about the flight will be established ASAP by CISM HQ together with Italian Delegation.

The deadline for nations willing to seize the solidarity action for the Travel Plan to Rio de Janeiro is 16 March 2011 by filling in and sending the Travel Plan Final Agreement to CISM HQ.


Athletes Villages are improved after 45th World Military Shooting Championship

Extract from www.rio2011.mil.br

As main test event of the 5thMilitary World Games, the 45thWorld Military Shooting Championship, held in early December, at the Lieutenant Guilherme Paraense National Shooting Center (CNTE), also served as an evaluation of services to be offered to participants of the Peace Games. Especially, to the athletes who will be staying at the Athletes Village, being built just for the competition.

The 288 participants of the 45th World Military Shooting Championship, including athletes, officials and referees, stayed at the Admiral Adalberto Nunes Physical Education Center (CEFAN), on Brasil Avenue. The venue was used as a small village and adopted the same procedures to be followed in July 2011 during the 5th Military World Games.

"The World Military Shooting Championship really worked as a test for the villages. The CEFAN Village was a success. Athletes and officials with experience in several international competitions praised the accommodations and services provided during all ten days covering the World Championship. However, we will work with nearly 7,500 people

Approval of delegations

The manager took the opportunity to highlight the high standards of services, a source of reference for all delegations, the speed and efficiency of the Help Desk, CISM Club, and laundry service.

"The CISM Club Lan House had a great interest from those without laptops. Those who owned one could use the wireless network provided by organization, which worked as a confirmation of what is intended to do in the villages in 2011. The laundry was greatly used since the arrival of delegations and the service was appropriate and timely", he explained.

However, in order to improve the running of the White, Green and Blue Villages for the Peace Games, some questions were listed and will be improved. Such details make the difference, as considered the Colonel: "Some problems were identified and will be solved. For instance, bags used to wash clothes that were of poor quality, and the Internet connection at CISM Club that was sometimes slow".

Deputy mayors of athletes villages

According to Colonel Menna Barreto, the visit of the three Athletes Villages deputy mayors during the World Military Shooting Championship was the most important moment of the competition. They followed and analyzed the management routine of the CEFAN village: Commander Luis Abraão de Medeiros, from the CIAMPA, deputy mayor of the White Village, Major Eric Peixoto, from the 31st GAC, is responsible for the Green Village and Lieutenant Colonel Ronaldo Costa da Silva, from PAAF, who is responsible for the Blue Village.

"This visit was very important. The deputy mayors´ job will be intense during the World Military Games. It is important there is a commitment from every one. They will be responsible for managing and monitoring all services. It will not be an easy task", he said.

Each village will receive about 2,500 military people. The projects meet the environmental guidelines of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, which requires the preservation of native forest, and include all requirements of CISM. There will be 106 buildings with 1,206 apartments of four rooms each. Each apartment will have approximately 100m ².

Picture: Disclosure CDM



Pelé is paid tribute and is invited to take part in the 5th Military World Games

Pelé became private Nascimento again for a day. On Wednesday 4th, the greatest athlete of the 20th Century was at the Army Physical Education School (EsEEFx), in Rio de Janeiro where he received tribute for his 70 years. The turning point of the event was the opening of Espaço Rei Pelé (King Pelé Space) and his bust unveiling. The 3 times champion was invited to participate in the 5th Military World Gamed Rio 2011 opening ceremony.

On a sunny morning, Pelé was received by the São João Fortress troop, heard the “Army Anthem” and exalted the time he served in the 6th Coast Motorized Artillery Group, in Praia Grande- SP in 1959.

“It is important to say that a building doesn´t collapse if its foundations are strong. That has happened to me when I served in the Army. It has been one of the best things in my life. Having respecting others, learning to work as a team and doing humanitarian work. That was Pelé and Edson´s greatest gift”, he told

Goal and South American title

World Champion in the previous year, at the age of 17, Pelé was reluctant in joining the Army. However he had no choice when he tried to convince the Director of Santos Football Club, who happened to be military.

“I asked Colonel Monerat to discharge me and he answered: what am I going to tell to the others? The world champion has a lung disease or flat feet? You have to be an example to the youth”.

In 1959, Brazil won the Armed Forces South American Championship by beating Argentina on a 2x1 score and a goal scored by him. A decade later, the player from Santos met again the military environment at the same EsEEFx, when the National Team trained for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. It worked; the Canary Team became three-time champion.

Invitation for Rio 2011

At the school auditorium, Brigade-General Jamil Megid Junior, General Coordinator of the 5th Military World Games Operational Planning Committee, explained to Pelé details of the competition and gave him a shirt and an invitation letter to participate in the opening ceremony on July 16th at the João Havelange Stadium. The King also watched a lecture about the EsEEFx given by Gen Fernando Azevedo e Silva, President of the Army Sports Committee

After that, Pelé dedicated the space that honors him with historical pictures, information and a bust, signed by the artist Marli Mazeredo. In the end of the ceremony, with his usual patience, he gave autographs and took pictures with his fans.

Source: Press Office Rio 2011

Pictures: Cap Kossel


CISM will support partnership for the international broadcasting of Rio

The Operational Planning Committee (CPO)of the 5th Military World Games Rio 2011 received in late October a visit from CISM consulting team, headed by the Businessman Hédi Hamel, to know the process of the Games in terms of event broadcasting, which will be held from July 16th to 24th next year.

Attended the meeting the CPO General Coordinator, Brigade General Jamil Megid Junior; the Social Communication and Marketing manager, Colonel Roberto Itamar; the Integrated Management Coordinator, CAPT Marcio Agnese, the Broadcast Assistant, Mauricio Casé; and the Radio and TV assistant, Helio Ferreira.

Hédi Hamel praised the organization of Rio 2011 Games and said to be surprised with the structure of the Military World Games he found when he arrived in the country. “I was very impressed with what I saw in terms of organization. The concepts used (by CPO) are made for big sport events and you have got the train on tracks”, he illustrated.

The CISM consultant compared the structure found with previous experiences in big sports events and highlighted the forthcoming of the World Military Games in Rio de Janeiro as a watershed in the history of the competition.

"The interest of CISM is making the Games a worldwide attraction and the process that is happening is the insertion of the competition on the international calendar. In this scenario, we believe that Rio 2011 is on the right path," he said.

In the afternoon, meeting with representatives of accredited TV stations to broadcast the Games, Hédi Hamel emphasized the interest of foreign companies in the transmission of Rio 2011. "We all dream of being able to participate in a major event in Brazil," he emphasized.

Source: Press Office Rio 2011

Picture: Cap Kossel


FIFA referees will officiate matches in Rio 2011 games

The football matches to be held in the 5th World Military Games will be officiated by FIFA professionals. There will be a total of 36 games, 26 men´s and 10 women´s. Each country will be in charge of bringing an International Referee (FIFA) and an Assistant Referee (FIFA) for each category. Rio 2011 games will be held from July 16h to 24th next year. However, the football matches will start on the 13th.

There will be 12 men´s teams in the competition and 6 women´s fighting for the trophy. As host country, Brazil will bring two referees plus two extras for each category.

Another factor that identifies the importance of the Games as an officially international competition will be the presence of internationally known referees in all modalities.


ARION, who has power!


After a 22-day poll to choose the mascot name for the 5th Military World Games, ARION is the one chosen. The Greek name ARION, meaning one who has the power, was voted for by 41,069 out of 81,537 votes, being the choice from three eligible names.

The 5th Military World Games are focused on promoting peace through sport. In order to illustrate this idea, the designer Maurício de Souza got inspiration from the thought of a boy who can turn into a futuristic super military-athlete.


365 days

In exactly 365 days, the 5th CISM Military World Games will officially start in Rio de Janeiro. Some 110 nation, and 7.500 participants are expected to gather under the CISM lag to compete and celebrate the uniqueness of Friendship through Sport.

In Rio, the Organizing Committee organized several events to celebrate the one year countdown to the Games. Globo TV, one of the most important TV network in Brazil, advertised the countdown to the Games in its daily sports bulleting.

Integration through sport

After four editions, Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the 5th military World Games – Peace Games, Rio-2011. Promoted by CISM (International Military Sports Council), it aims to develop relations between the countries armed forces on behalf of friendship, solidarity and to contribute to a harmonious development of the military. Actions that are based on the main CISM motto: "Friendship through Sport".

The Ministry of Defense and the Brazilian armed forces have the responsibility to organize and conduct the 5th Military World Games, event that happens every four years, always one year prior to the Olympic Games. This is the first time that the American continent hosts the games and, following the Council's goal has in this issue the slogan: "The Peace Games". The competitions that will be held 16-24 July 2010 will be including the presence of 6 thousand athletes, from110 countries.

CISM was created soon after the end of WWII in 1948 and came within a spirit of peace and integration of Nations. The entity congregates 133 Member States gathering more than a million military athletes from around the world, being the third entity sports on the planet.

The first edition of the Military World Games was held in Rome, Italy, in September 1995, celebrating 50 years of the end of WWII. The second edition was in Zagreb, Croatia in 1999. The games went to Italy in 2003, in Catania. The latest edition was held in Hyderabad, India, with seven thousand soldiers from 101 countries contending 17 sports.

The Peace Games will have a total of 20 sports, being 15 Olympians: Marathon, boxing, basketball, fencing, equestrian, soccer, judo, swimming, modern pentathlon, taekwondo, shooting, triathlon, sailing, volleyball and beach volleyball. Military sports will be five: orienteering, parachuting, naval pentathlon; military pentathlon and aeronautical pentathlon.

The sports infrastructure and support, to be used in games, leverages the resources and experience of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Some of the main city sports’ squares, which were used in the Pan Rio of 2007, will shelter competitions of the Rio-2011 Games, such as João Havelange Olympic Stadium, Maria Lenk Aquatic Park, Maracanãzinho gymnasium and the National Equestrian Center, among others.

To house the delegations three Villages of Military Athletes are being built. The White Village in Campo Grande with capacity for 2,358 athletes, the Green Village in Deodoro, with capacity for 2,436 athletes, and the Blue Village which can put up to 2,396 people. After the games the dwelling will be transformed into residences for the three Military Forces. The Green Village will be reused in 2016 Summer Olympics.

The joy of the “cariocas”, the determination of the military athlete, the fraternization between Nations and the Olympic spirit are the ingredients of the 5th Military World games – The Peace Games – indicating the sure of one more success in Brazilian capacity to conduct major events.



  • Track & Field / Marathon

Venue: João Havelange Olympic Stadium

Facilities: Permanent

Gender: M / W

Competition Date: 19-23 July

  • Swimming

Venue: Maria Lenk Aquatic Park

Facilities: Permanent

Gender: M / W

Competition Date: 17-21 July

  • Equestrian

Venue:  Deodoro Olympic Complex / National Equestrian Centre

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: Mixed M and W

Competition Date: 19-24 July

  • Modern Pentathlon

Venue:  Modern Pentathlon Olympic Centre

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 20-23 July

  • Sailing

Venue:  Guanabara Bay

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: M/W and Mixed

Competition Date: 18-22 July

  • Triathlon

Venue:  Copacabana Beach

Facilities: Temporary

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 24-July



  • Basketball

Venue: Miécimo da Silva Sports Centre

Facilities: Permanent

Gender: M

Competition Date: 17-24 July

  • Women Soccer

Venues: Miécimo da Silva Sports Centre

57º BI - 57º Motorized School of Infantry battalion

Communications School

Vasco da Gama Regatta Club

Facilities: Permanent

Gender: W

Competition Date: 13-22 July

  • Men Soccer

 Venues: João Havelange Olympic Stadium

 CIAA - Almirante Alexandrino Instruction Centre

CIAGA - Almirante Graça Aranha Instruction Centre

1º Bl

Vasco da Gama Regatas Club

Facilities: Permanent

 Gender: M

Competition Date: 13-22 July

  • Men Volleyball

Venue: Maracanãzinho Gymnasium

Facilities: Permanent

Gender: M

Competition Date: 17-24 July

  • Women Volleyball

Venue:  Maracanãzinho Gymnasium

Facilities: Permanent

Gender: W

Competition Date: 17-24 July



  • Men Beach Volleyball

Venue:  Copacabana Beach

Facilities: Temporary

Gender: M

Competition Date: 17-24 July

  • Women Beach Volleyball

Venue:  Copacabana Beach

Facilities: Temporary

Gender: W

Competition Date: 17-24 July



  • Aeronautical Pentathlon

Venues: CNTE - Shooting Sports National Centre

Santa Cruz Air base

UNIFA - Air Force University

FLONA - National Forest Mario Xavier in Seropédica

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: Mixed and M/W

Competition Date: 17-23 July

  • Military Pentathlon

Venue:  Deodoro Olympic Complex

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 17-23 July

  • Naval Pentathlon

Venue:  CEFAN – Almirante Adalberto Nunes Physical Education Centre

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 18-21 July

  • Parachuting

Venue:  Resende Municipal Airport

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 17-23 July

  • Shooting

Venue:  National Shooting Sports Centre

Facilities: Permanent and Temporary

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 19-23 July 

  • Orienteering

Venues: CI Avelar in Paty de Alferes

FLONA - National Forest Mario Xavier in Seropédica

Facilities: Temporary

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 18-22 July




  • Boxing

Venue: CIAMPA – Almirante Milclíades Portela Alves Instruction Centre

Facilities: Permanent 

Gender: M

Competition Date: 18-23 July

  • Fencing

Venue:  26thBI Pqdt – Infantry Battalion Motorized (school)

Facilities: Permanent 

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 18-23 July

  • Taekwondo

Venue: CEFAN – Almirante Adalberto Nunes Physical Education Centre

Facilities: Permanent 

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 20-23 July

  • Judo

Venue:  EsEFEx – Army School of Physical Education

Facilities: Permanent 

Gender: M/W

Competition Date: 18-23 July


Men at work!

The CISM Athletes Villages RIO 2011

The building of the 3 Athletes villages where most of the participants in the 5th CISM MWG 2011 will be accommodated is going well.









As you can see on these pictures, the different blocks of the villages are surely growing!


Launching Ceremony into the 5th CISM Military World Games

During a prestigious Ceremony in Forte São João, the CISM President could express the CISM gratitude to the present political, sports and military Brazilian authorities. General Gola insisted on the considerable impact of the 5th CISM Military World Games in the international sports world.

Brazilian authorities, counting on the presence of the CISM President General Gianni Gola, launch into the 5th Military World Games 2011 in Rio de Janeiro on Sep 18th with an eye on the Olympic Games 2016.

According to the Secretary General to the Rio-2016 Committee, Mr. Carlos Roberto Osório, the 5th edition of the Military World Games in 2011 is a direct investment in the Olympic Games, to which Rio is a candidate as hosting city. This Military World Games event encompasses integrated projects that clearly display long-term planning, continuity, and guarantees. Existing facilities along with those being built right now, will be provided for these Military Games, and then for the Olympic Games.

Enthusiastically, General Gola said that considering both the social and sports point of view, South America is a significant region to show that universality is not just a theoretical term. The General continues: “The military sport is part of the Olympic Movement. If one does want universality, one has to work on it”.

It is also worth to remind that Brazilian officials at federal, state, and municipality levels throughout the country are backing the event. His Excellency the Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, as such, has been showing unconditional support, but the words in his recommendation to the authorities are quite cautious: to keep an unpretentious and feet-on-the-ground behaviour. The Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Mr Sérgio Cabral, mentioned that the Military World Games are a kind of extraordinary happening, comparable to the Pan-American games when one takes into account the number of athletes, delegations, participants and spectators involved.



CISM is really proud of and grateful for the organizing of this magnificent ceremony marking the launching into the 5th edition of the CISM Military World Games at the Forte São João in Rio de Janeiro.


Meeting between President of Brazil Lula da Silva and President of CISM Dr Gen Gianni Gola


On the 8th July 2009, at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, in a very cordial atmosphere, a personal meeting was held between the President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in Italy on the occasion of the G8 and G5 meetings, and the President of the International Military Sports Council, Maj. Gen. Gianni Gola.

The meeting, expressly requested by the President of Brazil, revolved on the analysis of the situation concerning the organization of the next Military World Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro on 2011.

General Gola, recently back from a site visit in Rio and Brasilia, expressed on behalf of CISM the full appreciation for the excellent preparatory works and underlined the fact that Brazil will be the first country in CISM history to build an athletes village able to host 7000 persons. At the end of the Military World Games, the facility will be assigned to the Brazilian Armed Forces as housing of the military personnel.

Concerning to sports facilities, Brazil has already at disposal the very efficient structures successfully used on the occasion of the Pan American Games of 2007.



Preparatory Visit in Brazil


General Gola, President of CISM and Colonel Alexandre Morisod, Secretary General were welcomed by the Minister of Sports, Mr. Orlando Silva and the highest military authorities of Brazil.

In the frame of the 30th World Military Volleyball Championship that took place in Rio de Janeiro from 20 to 30 June, the President and the Secretary General of CISM made the trip to Brasilia to meet the Minister of Sports, Mr. Orlando Silva, and the Army, Air Force and Navy chiefs of staff.

This audience with Minister Silva gave the CISM representatives an opportunity to thank him for his important support of the proposal to hold the CISM Military World Games in Rio in 2011. During their discussion, the Minister of Sports repeated his unconditional support of military sports and confirmed the importance of our Games in 2011 for the highest political authorities in Brazil, as was proven by the meeting between the President of CISM and the President of the Republic of Brazil, Mr. Lula da Silva in Rome on 8 July.

From the standpoint of the military authorities, there is no need to say that support of the 2011 games is top priority for all Brazilian armed forces. Everyone is working to ensure favorable conditions for the Games at the highest level in CISM history.

On getting back to Rio, the CISM officials, joined by the head of the project for the 2011 World Games, Mr. Olivier Verhelle, did a marathon preparatory visit of the various infrastructures that will be used by our best athletes in 2011. Most of them served recently in the Pan-American games in 2007 and therefore meet the highest standards for international sports. The inspection visits included the sites chosen to construct the future athlete’s village and a study of the various aspects of the organization of the Games, such as the transport and security plans, housing and accreditation systems.

The authorities in Rio also took part in the visit of the CISM President – the Governor of the State of Rio, Mr. Sergio Cabral, met the CISM officials in his palace to discuss the various practical possibilities for supporting the Games within the Rio community. One of the first measures decided was the organization of a televised press conference to be held in Rio in August in the Governor's Palace, to heighten general interest of the Carioca press. The other measure was the Governor's decision to officially launch an appeal to Brazilian companies for sponsorship of the Games in 2011. The Brazilian Olympic Committee also participated: Secretary General Carlos Osorio accompanied General Gola during his visit to the Governor with a single thought in mind: synergy.

In Brazil, civilians, athletes and the military are looking forward to our Games and are preparing to welcome our best athletes in two years' time.



Brazil has won!


Rio de Janeiro city will host the 2011 World Military Games.

Brazilian victory! On Friday, May the 25th, in Burkina Faso, Africa, the clocks read 0130pm local time (1030am in Brasília), when the President of the International Military Sports Council-CISM, General Gianni Gola, entered the auditorium with the result of the CISM poll. Mr Gola, addressing to more than 400 representatives of the greatest international military sport s organization, announced that Brazil had just won, by means of a ballot, the race against Turkey aiming at hosting the 5th World Military Games in 2011. Representatives from over 75 countries had taken part in the poll.

The team from the Ministry of Defense, led by the president of the Brazilian Military Sports Commission, Air Force Major General Luiz Antonio Pinto Machado, had to fight for every vote to get Brazil elected. The struggle was successful. Pinto Machado got excited when he learned the result. "The hard work has been rewarded. I am very happy with the victory, but you know... from now on we have the immense responsibility for planning the event, which is intended to be inspired on the Pan American games, because the importance of both events is practically the same", he said. Emotional, the CDMB president praised the Turkish campaign: "I am impressed with the gentlemanliness on the side of the Turkish, I do believe that the final score must have been tight, although we don´t know it", he added.

In order to have the delegates side with Brazil, the members of the Brazilian team, supported by representatives of the Ministry of Sport and of Embratur, had the audience watch a film about Brazil, focusing on the infra-structure for the Pan American games.

The film also depicted interviews with main governmental and sports authorities. On the video, Valdir Pires, the Minister of Defense, backed the Brazilian candidacy: «Rio de Janeiro will be the stage of a really great military championship. We are all set and be welcome", he asserted. According to Pinto Machado, for the 2011 military games Brazil intends to support the African countries by providing their delegations with transport to and lodging in Brazil.