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CISM and Russian Delegation sign an agreement on the III CISM Military World Cadet Games


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MOSCOW (RUS) - On September 19, the solemn signing of an additional Agreement to the organizational contract of 2019 between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the International Council of Military Sports (CISM) took place at the CSKA Museum of Sports Glory.


The CISM President Colonel Hervé Piccirillo and the Head of the Physical Training and Sports Directorate of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Colonel Andrei Zykov put their signatures on the document granting the right to the Russian Delegation to host the III CISM Military World Cadet Games, which will be held in August 2022 in Saint-Petersburg.


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“The CISM Military World Cadet Games, along with the CISM Military World Summer and Winter Games, are among the main events of our activities. We all know that 2020 was a very difficult year with the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the competition was postponed. But, even though not all restrictions have been lifted, this year we started back our sporting activities and will finally be able to organize the III CISM Military World Cadet Games in 2022”, declared the CISM President.


Piccirillo also stressed: “The Armed Forces around the world are trying to spread military values among young people. And, of course, for all these servicemen who will come to St. Petersburg next summer, this will be a huge and significant event. I would like to sincerely thank the entire organizing committee, everyone who participates in the organization and preparation of these Cadet Games for the interaction that you constantly provide and for the efficient work together with the CISM General Secretariat”.


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In response, Colonel Andrei Zykov thanked the CISM Leadership for granting the right to host the III CISM Cadet Games in Russia. “I am very pleased to see today in this hall for the signing of our supplementary agreement people who have a serious view of the development of sports in military universities and stood at the origins of the idea of holding these games in Russia. Major General Oleg Botsman initiated this major tournament in our country. I am also pleased that the Head of CSKA, Colonel Artem Gromov, is present here. I am deeply convinced that through the efforts of the Army Club, these competitions will be held at the highest level in the city of Saint-Petersburg. In Russian military universities, cadets enjoy being engaged in sports, and participating in these competitions is an honor and prestigious for them. Thank you very much for your trust”, Zykov said.

The following personalities also attended this event: Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, CISM Secretary General ; Colonel Carlos Verdugo, CISM BoD Member ; Colonel Joseph Bakari, CISM Games Department Director; Colonel Luiz Fernando Medeiros Nóbrega, CISM Sports Director ; Major Delphine Viard, Chief of the CISM President's Cabinet ; CISM Cadet World Games Project Manager, Chief Warrant Officer Christophe Horta.
By the decision of the CISM Board of Directors taken on February 22, 2018, the Russian Federation received the right to host the CISM World Cadet Games 2020, which received the official name "III CISM World Cadet Games 2020 in St. Petersburg".


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The main venue for these Games will be the Military Institute of Physical Culture. The competition will also be held in the sports facilities of the Central Sports Club of the Army (CSKA), located in the city of Saint-Petersburg.

The program of the CISM Military World Cadet Games will include seven disciplines: military pentathlon, track and field, orienteering, shooting, volleyball, swimming, and summer biathlon (cross disciplines).

At the end of the solemn event, the CISM Delegation visited the CSKA facilities and attended the training sessions of the pupils of the sports schools of the Army Club.


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On the football field of KLFK CSKA, the CISM Delegation played a football game with young army athletes. They could also show their abilities in archery and knife-throwing halls.

They also talked with representatives of grappling and watched the training of young figure skaters and athletes.

The CISM delegation finished the full program of the day at the Igrovoy Sports Complex, where the preliminary fight of the 58th World Military Boxing Championship started.


(Source: CISM General Secretariat and Russian Delegation to CISM)