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2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 - Vilnius (LTU) - Update Day 1


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Thrilling Competition Unfolds in Vilnius

VILNIUS (LTU) - Vilnius, the picturesque capital city of Lithuania, is currently playing host to the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 tournament. After the traditional Opening Ceremony and Technical Meeting, the competition has brought together some of the best basketball talents from around the world, showcasing their skills and determination in the fast-paced and exciting 3x3 format.


The tournament, held from July 24th to July 29th, has witnessed intense battles and surprises that have kept fans on the edge of their seats.




Men's Pool A: Lithuania and Netherlands Dominate

In the Men's Pool A, Lithuania and Netherlands have been the standout teams, displaying their dominance with a perfect record of three wins each out of three games played. Their exceptional teamwork, sharp shooting, and strategic gameplay have made them formidable opponents on the court.

Canada, led by some talented players, has also shown commendable performances, securing two victories in their three matches. The Republic of Korea and Slovenia are not far behind, each claiming a win in their respective games. However, they will need to step up their game to challenge the top two teams in the pool.



Men's Pool B: Brazil Reigns Supreme

In Men's Pool B, Brazil has been an unstoppable force, winning all three of their games and asserting their position as the team to beat. Saudia Arabia and Estonia have also shown great potential, securing two wins each and proving they are strong contenders in this competitive pool.

Latvia and France have displayed flashes of brilliance, with Latvia securing two wins, and France managing one win out of their two games. Germany and Cyprus, despite their best efforts, are yet to taste victory in the tournament.




Women's Pool A: Lithuania Leads the Way

The Women's Pool A has witnessed Lithuania dominating the competition with two wins in as many games. Their strong defensive play and accurate shooting have earned them well-deserved victories.

France and Canada are not far behind, each with one win from their two matches. North Macedonia, unfortunately, is yet to secure a victory in the tournament, but they have shown the determination to improve and put up a fight in their remaining games.




Women's Pool B: Brazil and Germany Set the Pace

In Women's Pool B, both Brazil and Germany have stamped their authority with two wins each in their respective games. Their skillful performances have made them stand out as potential favorites to go deep into the tournament.

Belgium has also displayed promising form, securing two wins out of three matches. On the other hand, Latvia and Netherlands are yet to register a victory, but they are sure to give their all in the upcoming games.




Exciting Matches and Unexpected Twists

Throughout the tournament, there have been several captivating matches that have left spectators in awe. From closely contested games with narrow margins to dominant displays by certain teams, the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 has lived up to the hype and expectations.

One of the notable matches was between Saudi Arabia and Estonia in Men's Pool B, where Estonia emerged victorious with a slender one-point margin. Similarly, in the Women's Pool A, the clash between Lithuania and France was a thrilling encounter, with Lithuania holding on for a hard-fought win.

In Men's Pool A, the Republic of Korea's surprise victory over Croatia showcased the unpredictable nature of the sport, where any team can rise to the occasion and create upsets.



The Road Ahead

As the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 progresses, the competition is only expected to get fiercer. With the knockout stages approaching, teams will be vying for the top spots in their respective pools to secure advantageous positions in the playoffs.

The organizers and fans alike are hopeful for an exciting climax to the tournament, filled with exceptional individual performances, dramatic finishes, and memorable moments on the court.

As the basketball frenzy continues in Vilnius, one thing is for certain – the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 is a testament to the global popularity and competitiveness of this thrilling sport. Fans from around the world are eagerly following the action on the Youtube channel of the event, cheering for their favorite teams, and celebrating the spirit of basketball that unites athletes and spectators alike.


Watch the electrifying action of the 2nd day of competition at the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania on the Youtube Channel of the Organizing Committee !



All the information and results related to this tournament are also available on the FIBA 3x3 website !


Pictures of the event are available on 3x3cempionatas Facebook Page !


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department - Pictures: 3x3 čempionatas)