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2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 - Vilnius (LTU) - Update Day 2


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Thrilling Battles Continue on Day 2 of 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 in Vilnius

VILNIUS (LTU) - The 2nd day of the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 in Vilnius brought with it another round of intense and captivating matches, showcasing the talents and skills of some of the finest basketball players from around the world. With the results and rankings from the first day already setting the stage, the second day of the tournament further intensified the competition and added to the excitement.




Women's Pool A: Lithuania and France Dominate


In Women's Pool A, Lithuania continued their impressive form, securing a perfect record with three wins out of three games played. Their strong defensive play and precise shooting have made them a formidable force in the pool.


France, not far behind, displayed their class with two wins out of three games. Their dynamic style of play and excellent teamwork have kept them a spot in the semifinals.




Women's Pool B: Brazil Leads the Way


Women's Pool B witnessed Brazil asserting their dominance with four consecutive victories, maintaining a flawless record so far. Their aggressive and skillful play has made them the team to beat in the pool.


Belgium displayed their prowess with three wins, positioning themselves as strong contenders in the semifinals.




Men's Pool A: Lithuania and Republic of Korea Impress


In Men's Pool A, Lithuania continued their unbeaten run, securing three more victories on the second day, making it six wins out of six games played. Their all-around excellence and team chemistry have made them the standout team of the tournament so far.


Republic of Korea displayed a strong performance, earning two wins on the second day and showcasing their potential to challenge the top teams in the competition. Canada and Netherlands, with one win each, are the two other quarterfinalists.




Men's Pool B: Brazil Stays Unbeaten


Men's Pool B saw Brazil continuing their dominant run, securing two more wins on the second day, keeping a perfect record of six wins out of six games played. Their skillful and disciplined play has made them a force to be reckoned with.


Latvia and Estonia displayed commendable performances, each earning two wins, and they have secured a spot in the quarterfinals. France and Saudi Arabia, with three wins each, were also in contention for a place in the next stage of the tournament and it is finally France who will be in the quarterfinals thanks to their victory against Saudi Arabia during the group stage.




Semi-finals and Quarterfinals: The Stage is Set


As the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 enters the knockout stages, the competition is set to reach new levels of intensity and drama. The semi-finals of the Women's category will witness Lithuania facing off against Belgium, and Brazil taking on France. These matches are sure to be fiercely contested, as the teams battle for a spot in the finals.


In the Men's category, the quarterfinals will feature exciting clashes, with Lithuania going up against France, Latvia taking on Canada, Republic of Korea facing Estonia, and Brazil locking horns with Netherlands. These matches promise to be high-octane encounters, with the teams leaving no stone unturned to advance further in the tournament.




The 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3: A Display of Basketball Brilliance


As the tournament progresses, the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 in Vilnius has not disappointed, delivering thrilling basketball action and showcasing the immense talent and passion of the players.


With the semi-finals and quarterfinals scheduled to take place on the next day, basketball enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the exhilarating battles that are sure to unfold on the court. As the competition reaches its climax, one thing is certain – the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 is a spectacle of basketball brilliance, where the best of the best compete for glory and honor on the global stage.


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(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department - Pictures: 3x3 čempionatas)