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67th WMC Military Pentathlon - Halmstad (SWE) - Final Update


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67th WMC Military Pentathlon concludes in Halmstad with resounding success !

HALMSTAD (SWE) - The 67th edition of the WMC Military Pentathlon has drawn to a triumphant close, cementing its status as a remarkable success on various fronts. The championship, held in the picturesque city of Halmstad, embodied the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and meticulous organization.


On the sports level, in the individual men’s competition, Brazilian Douglas Castro's outstanding performance throughout the various components of the Military Pentathlon demonstrated his exceptional capabilities and unwavering determination. In the Shooting event, he showcased remarkable precision, amassing a score of 1141.1 points. Not one to falter under pressure, Castro's prowess extended to the Throwing event, where he displayed strength and accuracy, scoring 1063.6 points. The Cross-Country event, known for testing an athlete's endurance and stamina, was no match for Castro's determination as he secured 1075.5 points, allowing him to secure the gold medal.


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The competition was fierce, and among those closely trailing Castro was Nils Kirchhöfer from Germany. Kirchhöfer’s dedication and perseverance were evident as he powered through the other events, securing his second-place position. Another German athlete, Pascal Remmele, showcased his mettle in the individual men’s event, securing the third-place spot with a total of 5426.9 points.


Thanks to their individual performances, Kirchhöfer and Remmele secure the first and second positions, respectively, in the overall newcomers' standings. Following closely is the Ecuadorian contender, Christopher Perlaza, who claims the third spot on the podium with a total of 5298.5 points.


20230822 alegus01 WMPC23 Shooting 89


The German men's team, consisting of Kirchhöfer, Remmele, Gaj, Reuss, and Sonnenberf, also emerges victorious in the team competition after an intensely suspenseful contest that lasted until the final event. Their remarkable total of 21433.2 points secured their triumph. Impressively, the German contingent clinched the title with a mere 14.4-point lead over the Brazilian team (Castro, Dias, Luan, Preccaro, and Neto). Meanwhile, the Chinese team, comprised of Du, Ding, Aniuergu, Ma, and Tan, secures the bronze medal with a total of 20970.2 points.


Among the other standout events of the championship was the Individual Women Event, where military athletes from around the world converged to compete in an array of challenges that tested their skills across multiple disciplines. Emerging victorious from this thrilling competition was the local hero, Siri Englund of Sweden, who secured her triumph with a total score of 5275.5 points.


20230824 alegus01 WMPC23 Obstacle swim Throwing 468


Siri Englund's remarkable performance throughout the competition set her apart as a true force to be reckoned with. Englund impressed in the Obstacle Run, demonstrating both speed and agility as she navigated the challenging course, earning her 1118.3 points.


The Swimming event proved to be another triumph for Englund, as she showcased her aquatic prowess and endurance, securing a score of 1072.0 points while the Cross-Country event, was no match for Englund's tenacity as she claimed 1070.2 points.


20230823 alegus01 WMPC23 Obstacle course 1 239


China's Yong Hua Ma emerged as a formidable contender, securing second place with a total score of 5257.5 points. Danyang Han, also representing China, secured the third-place position with a total score of 5196.8 points.


The Chinese pair also secured the top two spots on the podium in the Newcomer Women category. Yong Hua Ma claimed the gold medal, followed by her compatriot Danyang Han, while Brazilian athlete Eveling Santos finished in third place with a total of 5165.7 points.


The Chinese athletes Ma and Han, along with their teammates Guan and Tang, secured a third medal by claiming the top spot in the team competition with a total of 15617.7 points. The Swedish athletes Englund, Aho, Strømblad, and Ranevi clinched the silver medal with 15568.2 points, while the Brazilian team of Santos, Sousa, Purificacao, and Santos took the bronze medal with a score of 15325.8 points.


20230825 alegus01 WMPC23 Running 137


Hanna Aho, a member of the Swedish team, reflected on their achievement, stating, "Our success is truly astonishing! Maintaining focus across multiple disciplines is challenging, but we overcame it. The mental pressure was immense, but we committed ourselves fully to each discipline."


Finally, the last event of the week, the Obstacle Relay, one of the most spectacular and thrilling disciplines of CISM, took place on August 25th.


20230826 andfal07 WMPC Obstacle relay 77 13


In the women's category, it was the Chinese team consisting of Han, Tang, Guan, and Ma that demonstrated exceptional speed and skill, securing victory in the final against the Swedish team of Englund, Aho, and Strømblad with a lead of over 4 seconds. Meanwhile, the Brazilian team composed of Purificacao, Santos, Sousa, and Santos claimed the bronze medal, outpacing Spain's Naranjo, Silvosa, Sigut, and Suarez.


Among the men, the Turkish team, featuring Akaydin, Su, Oguz, Akdeniz, and Birkan, clinched the gold medal ahead of the Algerian team of Allalou, Laiche, Ghibour, Boudab, and Hadri, showcasing a masterful performance in the final. China, represented by Tan, Aniuergu, Du, Ding, and Ma, secured the bronze medal, leaving behind the team from the Czech Republic.


Triumphs Unfold on the Field


Under the resounding theme of "Friendship through Sport," the championship garnered praise from all corners, reaffirming its place as a benchmark for excellence in military sports. Colonel Nathalie Birgentzlen, the Official CISM Representative and BoD Member, expressed her satisfaction, stating, "This past week has been truly exceptional and successful. The military athletes' performances were exemplary, a testament to their dedication. The Organizing Committee deserves commendation for their meticulous planning, which allowed our athletes to perform at their peak."


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Exceptional Organization Elevates the Event


Jesper Lindberg, Sports Director, basked in the realization of several years of preparation, expressing his contentment, "I am thrilled to witness the culmination of meticulous planning and execution. Our organizing team has been unwavering in their commitment. The Air Defense Regiment and Halmstad Garrison showcased their ability to deliver a professional, equitable, and successful competition. The teamwork across various levels was instrumental in this achievement, and for that, I am profoundly grateful."


An Arena of Friendship and Respect


The championship was adorned with mostly sunny weather, but the final day of competition witnessed a sudden downpour. Despite the rain, the Cross Country Running event unfolded, becoming a wet and slippery race. This climactic challenge underscored the camaraderie among competitors.


20230824 alegus01 WMPC23 Obstacle swim Throwing 363


Colonel Nathalie Birgentzlen remarked, "The enduring team spirit among nations and the camaraderie among military athletes were truly heartening. Even in the face of rain, athletes waited at the finish line until all completed the event, showcasing mutual respect and a profound acknowledgment that this event stands for more than mere competition. The realization of CISM's motto, 'Friendship through Sport,' was palpable throughout this exceptional week."



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(Source: Swedish Armed Forces)