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Boxing: SHYMBERGENOV (KAZ) retains title on final day



WUHAN (CHN)– Kazakhstan's Aslanbek SHYMBERGENOV returned to the Military World Games to repeat a golden boxing dream and he achieved that at Wuhan Sports University Gymnasium on Saturday

The 26-year-old won gold in the 64-69kg class, just as he did in the 2015 Games in Korea. This time he scored a 5-0 decision over Uzbekistan's Bilolbek MIRZARAKHIMOV.

“I am so happy to win the gold again,” he said. I fought a very technical fight, just as my coach had asked me to do. My opponent had a lot of power but I was able to score with straight punching combinations.”

It was a good final day of boxing for the team from Kazakhstan who finished the with a haul of two golds, two silvers and three bronzes.



Fellow-gold medallist Temirtas ZHUSSUPOV (KAZ), who defeated India’s DEEPAK 5-0 in the 46-49kg division, said his team’s success was due to coach and three-time Olympian Birzhan ZHAKYPOV.

“I was able to win because of the tactics from my coach,” said ZHUSSUPOV. “He is the reason we do so well. Those tactics were the difference for me tonight.”



Russia, with three golds, one silver and four bronzes, were the most successful men’s team. Their first gold medallist of the day, Ovik OGANNISIAN in the 52-56kg class, was also at his second  Military World Games but this was his first medal.

“I am so happy to have come back to the Games and to have won a medal this time,” he said. “My opponent (Mongolia’s Enkh KHARKHUU) was very good. This is a great preparation for the upcoming Russian Championships. I am currently ranked No.4 and I would like to do well there and qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.”



Other Russian winners last night were  Aleksei SEMYKIN, who defeated Hebert SOUSA (BRA) 5-0 in the 69-75kg division and Artem SUSLENKOV, who won the final bout of the tournament, the +91kg super heavyweight clash, 3-2 over China’s MOU Haipeng.


(Source: Xinhua Info)