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Closing Press Conference and Closing Ceremony of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games



SOCHI (RUS) - For the last day of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games Sochi 2017, a Press Conference was held in the Radisson Blu Resort and Congress Center in presence of the CISM President Colonel Abdulhakeem Alshino, the CISM Secretary General Dorah Mamby Koita, the CISM Chief of Delegation to CISM Colonel Oleg Botsman, the CISM 3rd World Winter Games Project Manager and two famous Russian Athletes, Svetlana Khorkina and Alexey Vodoeva.



The CISM President congratulated Russia for the results they achieved and the organization: "The Russian athletes are very professional and they ended up at the top of the medal table. I want to thank Russia for this great and excellent organization of the CISM World Winter Games. Moreover, we could count on the support of the head of the country, Vladimir Poutine". The CISM Secretary General added: “The Press here in Russia made a great advertising of these games and it will help us to improve our competitions. We have to thank all the Russian high authorities!”



The CISM World Winter Games Project Manager Major Keese highlighted the word "gratitude": "I want I thank the OC for these incredible Games but also the media who gave a great overview of the games and improved their visibility. Now, the pressure is on the next organizers in Germany! » The Press Conference ended with a Q&A session with the approximately 80 media representatives in attendance.




Later in the evening, following the Awarding Ceremony of the Patrol Race events and the awarding of the Best Nation Trophy to Russia, the 3rd CISM World Winter ended with an impressive Closing Ceremony that took place in the Ice Cube Multifunctional Sport Arena. Colonel Abdulhakeem Alshino, Sochi Mayor Anatoliy Pakhomov and Military Attaché of Germany in Russia Brigadier-General Reiner Schwalb then proceeded to the handover of the CISM Flag to the next CISM World Games Host country Germany in 2021. The national flag of the Russian Federation was then carried out.



General Nikolai Pankov Deputy of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation then took the floor: “I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to CISM and its President for the opportunity of organizing these games! We have proved that we can compete in the spirit of fair play and respect. This competition in Sochi is an important step in strengthening peace on the planet!”.



In his Closing Speech, CISM President Colonel Abdulhakeem Alshino congratulated Sochi and the CSKA for their outstanding work: “Sochi offered excellent facilities and prepared perfect technical conditions to organize this fantastic edition. Moreover, those 3rd CISM World Winter Games are a victory against the barriers that ideologies are sometimes creating to separate people and we are really proud to associate the Federation of Russia with our permanent efforts to promote peace and tolerance!”



The 3rd CISM World Winter Games Sochi 2017 were then officially closed with an amazing Multimedia Performance of “Winter Stars of Russia” as an artistic gift to the participants and guests of the Games. Scenes of Russia’s past, present and future were reflected in the performances episodes like in an ice crystal. Several ice skating stars took part to the Ceremony such as the silver medalist of the Krasnodar Figure Skating Cup Maria Pavlova, the Olympic figure skating gold medalist Nikita Katsalapov, the international master of sport Victoria Synitsina, ice acrobatics champion Alexey Polistchuk and Vladimir Besedin!

 The Flame was then extinguished and the Games officially closed!



Right after, all the delegations were invited to the Closing Dinner that took place in the Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center.

 Thank you Russia, thank you Sochi and see you in 2021 in Germany for the 4th CISM World Winter Games!

 You can watch the replay of the Closing Ceremony on www.militaryworldgames.com!


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)

(Pictures: Maxime Morlet, Eddy Kellens and Dominique Einsweiler)