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35th WMC Wrestling – Tehran (IRI) – Closing Ceremony




THERAN (IRI) – The 35th World Military Wrestling Championship concluded on 25 November in Tehran, Iran, with the Closing Ceremony of the event, which took place in the presence of Colonel Luiz Fernando, CISM Sports Director and Official CISM Representative of the event ; Major-General Hossein Ashtari, Chief Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Police ; Major-General Mohamed Hassan Bougheri, Deputy Chief of Training and Educational for Iranian Armed Forces ; Brigadier-General Janshid Foolady, Chief of the Iranian Delegation to CISM ; Doctor Ali Reza Dabir, President of the Iranian Wrestling Federation, Sergeant Mindaugas Ežerskis, Member of the CSC Wrestling ; Colonel Reza Bagheri, Delegate of the Iranian Delegation as well as local and international High Authorities.




Colonel Luiz Fernando took the floor for his Closing Speech : “At the beginning of the competition, I was sure that it would be an excellent competition, and now that it is coming to an end, I can tell you for sure that it was an outstanding competition, full of demonstrations of cooperation, camaraderie and, most importantly in my opinion, friendship. What CISM and all of you have created here and around the world, is a unique opportunity that embraces our differences in many aspects and ignores any differences. The miracle of CISM lies in its ability to draw strength and momentum from the very elements that might otherwise keep us apart. These powerful tools of CISM serve to deliver to the world around us an undeniably message of peace.”


“A championship like this cannot happen without our competitors, but you athletes could not do what you have done without the many people who contributed with their time and their talents behind the scenes to this event. Therefore, I would also like to thank the Iranian Organizing Committee, the CSC Wrestling, the United World Wrestling and the Iranian Wrestling Federation, and the referees from all countries present in the competition who have done a remarkable work! To the Iranian people, thank you for these fabulous days in your country, we can witness how welcoming and hospitable the Iranian people are.”, concluded the Sports Director.




Major-General Hossein Ashtari, Chief Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Police, also took the floor during the Closing Ceremony: “Undoubtedly, with the increase of international interactions and communications, sport is one of the most important capacities for promoting peace, friendship, intimacy and synergy among nations and governments. In this regard, wrestling as one of the most important and popular sports in the world, with its heroic ritual and magnanimous spirit, is a very suitable tool for the spiritual and physical growth and transcendence of human beings from all walks of life and human societies.”


He also added: “ To this end, the 35th World Military Wrestling Championship (CISM 2021), with the motto of "Spirituality, Sport, Peace and Friendship" and with the aim of deepening the friendly relations between the participating countries and the physical and mental empowerment of the Armed Forces personnel, in line with the objectives of CISM, was hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran.”




“We believe that the continuation of such programs, measures and competitions, while promoting and strengthening peace and friendship between nations and increasing stability and security in the region and the world, will create a suitable ground for taking advantage of the mutual cultural, economic and social capacity of countries.”, concluded Major-General Hossein Ashtari.


This 35th edition of the WMC Wrestling was a great success both on the sporting and organizational level and the CISM athletes and officials will keep a magical memory of this week spent in Iran.




Thank you to the Iranian organisers who did everything possible to welcome the CISM family and see you next year in this magnificent country which will host the World Military Taekwondo Championship in 2022!


(Source: CISM Media and Communication Department)