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Meet our PCSC - Episode 5 - Lieutenant-Colonel Stefan Fredriksson (SWE) - PCSC Skiing




BRUSSELS (BEL) - Greetings, all, and welcome to the latest edition of "Meet your PCSC." Today, we are delighted to have the opportunity to converse with Lieutenant-Colonel Stefan Fredriksson, a distinguished member of the CISM Community, met during the recent 55th WMC Skiing held in Boden, Sweden from March 27th to April 1st, 2023, featuring 319 athletes from 20 nations.


CISM HQ: Could you share your background as a skiing biathlon athlete?

Stefan Fredriksson (SF): "My journey in biathlon began around the age of 10 and continued until 2021 when I decided to retire due to a decline in shooting performance.."


CISM HQ: Did you partake in military competitions prior to joining PCSC??

SF: "Indeed, I participated in various national competitions and also graced the WMC Skiing nearly four decades ago."


CISM HQ: What's the history and structure of CSC Skiing??

SF: "CSC Skiing stands as one of the oldest and most extensive sport committees, encompassing cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing, and other disciplines like ski mountaineering and ski orienteering. The 55th WMC boasted around 400 participants, marking it as one of the largest events."


CISM HQ: What are the primary goals of CSC Skiing?

SF: "Our main objectives include fostering camaraderie through sport, advancing skiing and winter sports within CISM, and enhancing the physical fitness of soldiers globally."


CISM HQ: Could you elaborate on your role and experiences as PCSC?

SF: "Over the past 20 years, I've served as Chief of Mission and coach for Sweden in WMC. Transitioning to PCSC Skiing in 2023, I bear the responsibility of developing this discipline within CISM, a duty I find fulfilling."


CISM HQ: How do you envision the future of CSC Skiing, including para-athletes??

SF: "The outlook appears promising. The 55th WMC Skiing in Boden saw participation from 23 countries, indicating strong interest among member nations. Additionally, it marked the inaugural inclusion of para-ski events in a WMC."


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CISM HQ: How do you collaborate with International Federations to ensure regulatory compliance??

SF: "Our cooperation with various International Federations has been historically sound. We align our competitions with their regulations and supplement with CISM-specific rules for the patrol race, maintaining a productive partnership."


CISM HQ: And regarding coordination with local authorities for event organization?

SF: "Typically, we enjoy excellent collaboration with organizing committees. In Boden, for instance, the committee's experience inspires confidence in delivering a fair competition."


CISM HQ:  Reflecting on your CISM career, what stands out as your fondest memory?

SF: "Meeting diverse athletes and maintaining involvement in the sport as a coach and leader remain highlights for me. The palpable energy and excitement of competitions are particularly memorable."


CISM HQ: How do you ensure fairness and inclusivity in skiing events, including gender equality and cultural diversity?

SF: "We strive for parity between genders with nearly equal participation rates. Currently, we don't encounter any doping issues, affirming our commitment to fair play."


CISM HQ: Any closing thoughts or messages for our teams and members?

ML: "I anticipate a thrilling future for the CSC Skiing with the 5th World Winter Games coming ahead ! Overall, remember, skiing is about enjoyment and excitement."


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(Interview from the CISM Media & Communication Department in collaboration with Mr. Maxime Sempo and Lieutenant-Colonel Stefan Fredriksson (SWE), PCSC Skiing)