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CISM President Activities

20 November 2021

DOHA (QAT) - General Herve Piccirillo, CISM President, visited on November 19 the competition...

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CISM Member Nations

20 September 2021

MOSCOW (RUS) - In the framework of the organization of the 58th World Military Boxing...

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PCSC Management

03 August 2021

BRUSSELS (BEL) - From 27th June to 1st July 2021, the elections for the positions of Presidents...

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CISM Partners

27 May 2021

FONTAINEBLEAU (FRA) - International Boxing Association (AIBA) and International Military Sports...

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CISM General Secretariat

07 May 2021

BRUSSELS (BEL) – The positions of President of the CISM Sports Committees will be vacant for...

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CISM Family

08 April 2021

BRUSSELS (BEL) – The International Military Sports Council is deeply saddened to hear about the...

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CISM General Secretariat

21 December 2020

BRUSSELS (BEL) - Season’s greetings from CISM President Colonel Hervé Piccirillo and CISM...

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CISM General Secretariat Activities

26 October 2020

BRUSSELS (BEL) - Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CISM Secretariat internal rules have...

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