CISM International Symposium 2023   From Tunisia


CISM International Symposium 2023 - Tunis - Tunisia

(29th October - 04th November, 2023)


Bordered on the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia has a rich history that spans more than 3,000 years and in which several civilizations succeeded each other to form a composite and highly representative heritage of Tunisian culture. The Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Ottoman civilizations marked the habits and customs of the indigenous Berber population, which underwent major transformations throughout history.


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Tunisia has always been marked by the different civilizations that followed one another in its territory. It is a country distinguished by its rich historical and authentic cultural heritage. Intangible Heritage includes traditions or expressions inherited from our ancestors, such as performing arts.



A perfect place to bring together researchers from the military and civilian world in the field of sports performance and the body's physiological responses in the practice of physical activity and readiness. Hosting the CISM International Symposium will be another step in the scientific development of the region and an opportunity to share its culture, traditions, and receptivity. All CISM member nations are warmly invited and strongly encouraged to participate in this Academic Event which promises to be great and unforgettable.



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Disseminate among your researchers and interested personnel how great this academic event will be and the theme and sub-themes proposed for this year:



  • Physical training evaluation methods in armed forces
  • Physical and psychological preparation of the soldier
  • Elite athlete performance enhancement
  • Military athlete injury prevention
  • Sport participation and military leadership enhancement
  • Military and sport medicine



  • The instructions for submission and details for researchers will be mentioned in Annex 1 of the Invitation File.

  • Abstracts and presenting author’s CV will be sent by mail to

  • Abstract submission deadline is the 1st of July.




The Researchers must submit abstracts and CVs through the Symposium website.


Abstract Submission

1st of July, 2023

Final List of Selected Abstracts

1st of September, 2023

Sending the Curriculum Vitae

10th of September, 2023

Sending the Presentation (*.ppt)

10th of October, 2023


The Chiefs of Delegation must send the emails indicated in Annexes 2 and 3.


Preliminary Agreement

10th of July 2023

Final Entry

0th of September, 2023





The Organizing Committee suggests that participants constantly check the SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM Version. Whenever there is an update, it will be published at this link below.




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The Organizing Committee suggests that participants constantly check the GENERAL PROGRAM Version. Whenever there is an update, it will be published on the link above.



The Organizing Committee suggests that participants constantly check the FINAL LIST OF SELECTED ABSTRACTS Version. Whenever there is an update, it will be published at this link below.





All participants will be accommodated at:


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Full board and lodging will be paid by the participants upon their arrival, as follows:


  • Single room: €140 / night

  • Double room: €180 / night

  • The booking for the stay must be sent by the Delegation - ANNEX3.

  • You must book your stay before the 10th of September, 2023 - ANNEX3.

  • Payment for the stay can be made by cash or by credit card in the host hotel.

  • The Local Organizing Committee will send you a mail to confirm the booking.


For possible early arrivals before 29th October or late departure after 04th November same rates will be applied concerning the hotels in Tunis.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide medical care and local transportation during the extra stay.


Additional people will not be accepted without official written permission from the Organizers.




The cost of travel to the point of arrival in Tunisia will be in responsibility of each participating mission as well as the cost of travel from the point of departure back Home. The transport from and back to the arrival point (Tunis Carthage airport, Tunis) will be provided by the organizer.


  • Points of arrival (Only by plane): Tunis Carthage International Airport



The average temperature in November in Tunis is 25 ο to 20ο C during the day and 14 ο to 11 ο C during the night.



The local currency is the Tunisian Dinar.

There are many points of exchange :


  • Airport
  • Hotel desk
  • Banks


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The Tunisian delegation is waiting for the entire CISM Family for a scientific experience from SCIENCE to PRACTICE!!! Friendship through sport!!!


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