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The CISM Military World Summer Games are a multisports event organised every four years, one year before the year the Olympic Games are organised. It is an event that is based on the CISM and Olympic spirit, without political, religious and racial consideration nor discrimination. Furthermore it must be organised in a dignified manner.


In 1995, CISM decides to break its tradition of organising every year fifteen to twenty world championship per year by gathering all its member nations during its first Military World Games in Rome from 4 to 16th September 1995.


These first Games took place to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the end of the second World War and of the ratification of the United nations Organisation Charter. By organising those Games, CISM has launched the most explicit and spectacular message of peace to the whole world.


There is indeed no better meaningful and beautiful message of peace than the one sent to the world by the representatives of more than one hundred Armed forces. Those who had seemed to be forever divided by ideological and political barriers came together under the CISM flag in the name of friendship.

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